Thursday, October 31, 2013

October 28, 2013

Hola Mommy and friends! I hope all is going well in Utah,

This week was SO rough! I went through a crazy roller coaster of emotions all week long, but fret not because at least it ended on a positive note!

Pretty much there was not much success in the department of tracting. Usually we are able to teach a door step restoration lesson every day, and find a new investigator every other day. But this week there was NOTHING. I joke you not. From Monday to Friday we couldn't find anyone who was willing to hear the gospel. I was so frustrated, and was having the roughest time trying to understand why on earth God wanted me to go on a mission. I have the hardest time explaining the restoration to people in a way that they would understand it, and it just makes so much more sense to have Sister Mansfield say it all. But one night as I was praying and asking why I was called to be a missionary a verse from D&C popped into my head. In my mission we recite D&C 4 every morning and I've been trying extra hard to memorize it this week. That night as I was praying verse 3 came to my mind. It says "therefore if you have desires to serve God ye are called to the work." For me, it was an answer to my prayers. I need to trust God that He will help me, because I do want to serve him and share this gospel!

Also, this week we did tons of Biking! It was crazy, despite all the biking, running, scootering, and roller blading I did before my mission I am still out of shape. haha and biking took quite a lot of effort! But luckily we get to take a break when we pass by people so that we can share the gospel with them! So it's helped me get out of my comfort zone and talk to people because I need a rest. haha embarrassing. We did some raking leaves as well, I miss the pretty Utah trees and fall colors but it definitely brought back fond memories of preparing for Halloween by raking a pile of leaves and putting them in bags with pumpkin faces on them!

And don't worry Riker, Emma, and mom. I'm definitely still getting mercilessly teased for my phobia of spiders and other creepy crawlies. Turns out in Minnesota they LOVE Halloween and all things that apply to it. Every house here has fake spiders on it! And the mom of the family we live with stuck a spider ring in my bag when I wasn't looking. So rude. But I did conquer my fear and knock on a door that had a huge spider on the railing. So props for Sister Terry.

This week I've definitely been thinking a lot about eternal perspective and enduring to the end. It's so funny because miracles happen all the time, but in just a day or so we forget how much the Lord has blessed us and start complaining about why life is so hard. I definitely did that a lot this week as I wondered why we weren't getting success and why this has to happen. But then I got that letter from mom, reminding me that it has been an entire year since I was in a car crash! I remember at that time it was the most frustrating, difficult thing I had ever gone through. I spent so many nights praying to find out why this had to happen, and why God would ever allow something so bad to happen to us. But now that I have the ability to have hindsight and see what has come since that day I'm able to realize how much it has blessed my life. Because I was so concussed and couldn't work out, I wasn't able to deal with my problems the way that I usually do and I had to find another way. And that was by turning to my Savior and finding peace through the atonement. I was able to grow closer to God than I ever would have. And it very much influenced my decision to go on a mission.

It's the same way right now. God sees things in an eternal point of view, and although we haven't had much success this week, it gives us an opportunity to come closer to him, rely on the spirit and have faith that he is preparing people for us to teach.

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! And having this wonderful knowledge of the restoration of the gospel and the plan that God has for all of us.

Love, Sister Terry

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 5

Guess what! I've officially been out a MONTH. What??? Time literally has flown by! And SO much has happened this week!

First of all, we did SO much knocking on doors this week! I joke you not, it's tracting season! We met many a lovely people, and also many a not so lovely people who exercised their agency by not listening to the greatest message of their entire lives. But persistence is key in this sort of work and God will always win!

BUT we did meet a fantastic lady who is a devote Baptist and well rehearsed in her bible verses. Other religions fascinate me, and it wasn't long before we were discussing beliefs. My favorite part about meeting God's children who question our testimony is the opportunity that we get to BOLDLY declare that we know the truthfulness of our message! Literally though, she was hinting that our testimonies are more our parents testimonies than our own, and that we will be able to know the truth when we start questioning our beliefs, I have NEVER seen Sister Mansfield testify so strongly that this is the true church and that she knows that God has answered her prayers, and that God knows that she knows it is true and she CANNOT deny it's truthfulness. Ahh, she's so legit. That's why she's sister training leader, cause she's dang rad.

We also did exchanges this week with some other sisters. I was able to visit Minnetonka and spend the day with Sister Hessan. The only way to describe her is that she's the soul sister of Brooke Hodson. Literally the entire time I was with her I had déja vu about cross county. But it was a grand time overall and we were able to meet some great people and teach some restorations! YAY!

Unfortunately, in our area people are not so inclined to hear the restoration. It's super strange because people have heard about our church, read the Book of Mormon, and either think it's "an interesting book" or that it's true, but all churches lead to God so it's not important which church you are a part of. WHAT? ha crazy people. I love them though. And will keep trying to come up with ways to share my testimony with them, and explain the necessity of saving ordinances with the proper priesthood power. The funniest thing though is getting to go knocking at 7. It's about pitch black by then, cause it's practically winter over here in little Canada so people come up to the door and always say things like, "what are you doing out so late?" "You be careful, it's pretty dangerous this time of night" hahah LOVE IT!

I wish that I could tell you everything that's going on, and how great missions are, except for those times when no one want to listen to you and then they are frustrating but then you pray and remember that the Lord is on your side and will NEVER forsake you or forget you (2 Nephi/Isaiah). But overall, it's a lot like life with good times and bad, but we do have that eternal perspective, and are able to have hope that the bad times won't last and that Sunday will always come. (Joseph B Wirthlin)

I LOVE you ALL!!

Love, Sister Terry

Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 4? Right?

Sister Terry, Trinity, Sister Mansfield

Guten Tag! I hope you are doing quite well and enjoying this wonderful Columbus Day! In honor of him we read 1 Nephi 13 (I think) about how Nephi knew Columbus was going to come! Pretty remarkable right?

Um... I'm never really sure how to start this weekly letter, so Imma gonna just jump right into it!
I got my first Baptism!!!!!! It was SO cool! Trinity was able to finally be baptized and confirmed! She was so nervous this week, and was going through some tough stuff so we also got some priesthood holders to give her a blessing. Can I just say that I'm so thankful for the priesthood! It's been something that I've been thinking a lot about. It's definitely a huge part of the restoration of the gospel, not only did we have a prophet to lead us and guide us but we were also able to restore that power given to Jesus Christ's apostles to act in God's name and perform miracles, blessings, and sealings in the temple. It's definitely a BIG DEAL.

Back to the story, Trinity was baptized! Sister Mansfield and I gave a restoration lesson while Trinity was drying off and such, and part of being trained is memorizing and reciting Joseph Smith History versus 16 and 17. I was really nervous to recite it, since I'm still working on memorizing it and more often than not I mess it up. But Sister Clements (mission president's wife) was there, and I really wanted to say it perfectly. Guess what! I did. It was pretty awesome. and there is definitely power in being able to recite in Joseph Smith's own words that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to him.

We had zone training this week and were able to be taught by President Clements and his wife. Something she said really stuck out to me. She talked about Moroni and how he was the last righteous man in the time of the Nephites and how he wasn't sure when he was going to be killed. But he always had that attitude of saying "I am yet alive" and then would testify of Christ. It's really cool that although he had so much to complain about, and was literally just running for his life all the time, he used the time that he had to bear his testimony! That's how I want to be on my mission. I want to wake up every day and be able to say, well I'm still here, and while I'm here I'm going to praise and testify of God with all my heart, might, mind and strength! What a marvelous blessing it is to be called of God to proclaim his word to my Brothers and Sisters here in Minnesota.

I realize that I haven't told you much about Sister Mansfield! haha she's so great! Funny story, she talks in her sleep, and I joke you not she teaches the restoration while she sleeps! This week I woke up one night, and I heard her saying, "Will you be baptized?" That seriously is her level of commitment, she lives, breathes, and eats to preach the gospel. It's pretty crazy but I am definitely learning a lot from her! She's a sister training leader. So we do lots of exchanges so she can help the other sisters in our district (there are 3 companionships) It's pretty cool to get to know the other sisters and also learn from them! Pretty much, I'm realizing that I have a lot to learn and I'm really thankful that the spirit is there to help, guide and testify!

I'm living in a member's home, and they are the coolest people ever! It's the Dobbins and they are so so nice! Literally I've gained 10 pounds since I've been here cause they take us out to eat and bake desserts for us when we get back at night. They have a daughter who is about my age, and we're going to go hiking with her, and then play board games for our p-day! super great! hahah

May God be with you till we meet again.
Love, Sister Terry

Monday, October 7, 2013

October 7, 2013

Hola Mi Famila!
How is it going? How is Utah? Thanks for all the emails and letters! I can definitely feel the support, love, and prayers for me and I'm so grateful!

So I suppose you know that I made it to Minnesota! Hooray! And I am called to work in a town called Eden Prairie! It's pretty rad, I must say! The people are so amazing and so nice! I joke you not, it's the nicest place I've ever been to. Even people who aren't members offer us water, and good luck while we go tracting!

But first of all, CONFERENCE! I just want to add my opinion to President Monson's when he said that the Sunday morning session was one of the most spiritually uplifting sessions ever! I felt the spirit so strong, and was able to have so many prayers answered! It was so cool that they talked about marriage between a man and woman, Here in Minnesota they are very pro gay marriage. One of our investigators had a question about our stance on the subject and turns out I am not very good at being bold when it comes down to it! But we prayed that we would know how to answer her without offending, but also without being timid about God's law. She was able to watch that session of conference though, and it completely answered her question! Best thing ever! I'm so glad God is aware of his children and gives us what we need! And most of all I LOVED President Monson's talk! I felt like such an idiot, cause I was crying so hard but I felt the spirit so strong and he talked about his best friend, and wife and also the importance of enduring. I can't even imagine what he's going through, but I know that he's put his trust in God and it's helped him through these tough times and it can certainly help me as well!

Besides watching conference, I basically adjusted to missionary life out in the field. First off, my companion is Sister Mansfield. She's awwwwwwwwesome! I love her so much! She's from Idaho and she's been out here 14 months! So basically she's pro. Which is good, cause I came out here ready to teach and commit people to baptism but there's one problem. People don't respond the way they did at the MTC! hahah it was definitely a humbling experience when I realized that I am a noob and that bearing testimony is a rather difficult thing to do.

I really miss Sister Davis, and the other people in my district. But hopefully I get to see them SOON! they were all so great! Especially my companion. I know that somehow we're going to be companions again and we'll rock the socks off of the Minnesota people!

So embarrassing story, the first day where we met with our new companions and with the mission president I saw quite a familiar face! Alex Caskey is in this mission! I was SO surprised to see him, and I felt like the worst friend ever since I totally went to his farewell but then forgot that this is where he went! ahh so dumb. But I talked to him a bit, and it definitely reminded me of the good ol' cross country times. And on the bright side, he's training one of the coolest people ever from my district! SO I'm super happy about that!

I'm so thankful to be on a mission though, and I'm thankful for all those people who got me here! Not a day goes by that I don't use something that one of my leaders has taught me. I might not have fully appreciated their testimonies, and teaching back then, but I totally realize how everything they have said has prepared me to be here and to be the best missionary that I can be!

Mission life is SO cool! It's amazing how much you can learn every day, and how each day is an opportunity to come closer to God! This really is the Lord's work and I'm so thankful I can be an instrument in helping bring souls unto Christ.

Speaking of bringing souls, we have a BAPTISM!! I'm so excited! Her name is Trinity, and she's probably the coolest person I've ever met! Her baptism is this Saturday, and I'm so glad that I've been able to meet her and share my testimony about baptism. She was already preparing for baptism before I arrived, so pretty much I'm just the last leg of the race who gets to bring it home. It's nice though, and hopefully we'll be able to find more investigators who are ready to hear the gospel!

Mostly, we talk to the less actives, and try to help them understand the importance of enduring to the end. Although they've been baptized and repented of their sins it's not over! It's so heartbreaking to hear about how they were so strong in the gospel but then they forget the amazing things that God has done for them and how blessed they are. Hopefully the Holy Ghost will be able to testify to them the importance of going to church and reading the scriptures.

I love you all!! Hope you are having a fantastic time in UTAH!!

Sister Terry
Sister Davis, some elders, Sister Terry--MTC

Sisters Terry and Davis--they're not in Utah anymore

Sisters Terry, Davis, Gesel, Shumway at the Provo Temple

Arrival in Minnesota

This is an email the mission president sent us letting us know Sister Terry had arrived safely in Minnesota.

3 October 2013

Dear Brother and Sister Terry,

On Wednesday afternoon, my wife, Julie, and I, greeted Sister Sidney Anne Terry at the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport and welcomed her to this great mission.  She was happy and excited to begin her mission.  Thank you for all of your efforts to prepare her for the adventure that lies ahead.  We understand what a great sacrifice you are making to support your daughter. 

We drove from the airport to the mission home and took pictures of our new group of elders and sisters.  The day was sunny, and beautiful.  We then had lunch and provided a mission orientation.  I also interviewed each missionary.  The Assistants provided training in finding new investigators. 

At about 6:30 pm, Sister Clements and I introduced them to their trainers, who greeted them with big smiles and bear hugs.  After some more training, we sent them off to their assigned areas. Sister Terry has an outstanding trainer whom I carefully and prayerfully selected.  In two weeks, we will bring them back to Bloomington for a day of training in finding, teaching, goal setting and planning.

Your daughter joins a remarkable corps of accomplished and dedicated missionaries.  There is a great tradition of obedience and accomplishment in this mission.  She will serve with missionaries who desire to build the kingdom and who are willing to sacrifice their all for the cause.  We serve in a beautiful part of the Lord’s vineyard where mighty rivers and beautiful lakes are plentiful.  We are privileged to serve among faithful saints.  

Please encourage your daughter to obey all mission rules.  She will become stronger, more mature, and more self-disciplined as she faithfully follows the rules.  Her first area of service is Eden Prairie, MN; her companion is Sister  Stephanie Mansfield .  Attached are some photos, which I hope you will enjoy.

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Jordan W. Clements
Mission President

Sister Terry with Pres. and Sis. Clements

New Missionaries

Sisters Terry and Mansfield