Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

Uh. surprise highlights of this week:
On Monday... we had zone p-day. played lots of volleyball (which my team won) and ultimate frisbee (which we won. haha I play to win) and what not. It's been really warm here lately. All the snow has melted and I don't even need 2 layers of tights!!

Tuesday. Got a call at 8:00 from mission president. Sister Jacklin got transferred to Anoka. I'm now training.
yeah. I'm totally not joking. It was a surprise. but things were going too well and mission life was just too easy so I knew something had to change soon. I'm now training again. her name is sister Neville. she is from California in a city that starts with a b and is 2 hours north of LA. (We are going to go with Bakersfield) I can't remember what it's called right now.
Wednesday: New mission meeting and Bloomington. Oh, and sister Jacklin's last gift to me was to get me sick. haha so I spent all last week on my death bed carrying around a box of tissues and what not because I am too prideful to stay at home.
and then some other days where we did boss missionary work and preached Christ crucified and where I tried to memorize the Living Christ but it has a lot of words so I'm only like 3 paragraphs in.
SATURDAY!! the Mkwapatira's got baptized!! HOLLA! it was so great! Antionette and Reo are a stellar couple! I love them so much and am extremely excited for them! It was a great baptism. Oh mom, you'll be pleased to know that I played the piano for it! I've actually been working on my piano skills and can play.... like 10 hymns. small small.

Decorating a fern for Christmas

Mkwapatiras Baptisms

Saturday, December 20, 2014

December 15, 2014


Well, in answer to your questions, We had a balmy 50 degrees the past few days. get this, -I'm not even wearing tights today! woot woot! What a gift from God. it's been splendid. It'll probably get freezing cold soon so I'll just enjoy the warmer weather while it lasts.

TEACHING!! AND FINDING! well due to.... unfortunate circumstances our finding time was cut a little short when Sister Jacklin fell ill. It was unfortunate really. But I did get to crochet a lot of stuff while watching the district. And make some fudge for our less active sisters.

Speaking of -funny story. So you know how I always make gravy in a glass pan? so I pulled out a glass pan intending on making fudge in it. So in goes the sugar and the evaporated milk, it's boiling (oh and this is Monday evening after nightly planning. so we have about 40 minutes or so before bed) and all of the sudden....! it EXPLODES!! Shards of glass when everywhere and the sugar liquid oozes all over our stove and oven. haha it was a hot mess. literally. I joke you not I had such adrenaline after that I laid in bed for 30 minutes just saying, "I'm really glad we didn't die Sister Jacklin." She as a good sport about it and helped me clean it up though. And then we made some delicious glass-free fudge. YUM!

Oh, but back to your question. Finding and teaching are AWESOME! This area is ON fire! so far I have met 2 Liberian families :) haha so great. But also Reo and Antoinette are getting baptized this Saturday!! We are so excited for them! and then I found out that 2 of my investigators from med lake are getting baptized the Saturday after that! God is truly hastening his work of salvation in this area! We are working hard on finding new people to teach, and helping them progress towards baptism. Lots of awesome potential and the spirit is just guiding us to really great people! it's awesome. Sister Jacklin is very in tune with the spirit so she just guides us to the street we need to be and I just show up and talk to people. I love it :)

uh, Christmas plans. not sure yet. Probably see a lot of miracles. Invite at least 10 people to be baptized. and maybe Skype my family. :) we will see.

Here's quote I like a lot

"It may be possible for each to think too much of his own potential glory hereafter; It is hardly possible for him to think too deeply or too often about that of his neighbor. The load, or weight or burden of my neighbors glory should be laid on my back, a load so heavy that only humility can carry it, and the backs of the proud will be broken. It is a serious thing to live in a society of possible Gods and Goddesses, to remember that the dullest and most uninteresting person you talk to may be one day a person which, if you saw now you would be strongly tempted to worship.... It is in the light of these overwhelming possibilities; it is with awe and circumspection proper to them that we should conduct all our dealings with one another. All friendships, all loves, all play, all politics. There are no ordinary people. You have never talked to a mere mortal. But it is immortals who we joke with, work with, marry, snub, exploit-immortal horrors or everlasting splendors. Next to the blessed sacrament itself, your neighbor is the holiest object presented to your senses." -C.S. Lewis

I love the beginning where it talks about the load being so heavy that only humility can carry it. If I have learned anything on my mission it is to be more humble! Which was probably necessary since I was SO prideful before! I love mission life. It has taught me how to be invested in the salvation of others. Not because I need crazy high numbers, but because I LOVE THESE people! they are fantastic. And I love you too.

love, Sister TERRY

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 8, 2014

This week was FANTASTIC!! Ahh God is too good. It's amazing.

We had a slew of miracles this week, but my favorite happened on Monday: We had been trying to get in contact with a recent convert named Yer Xong who had gotten baptized about a year ago and gone less active. No one had been able to get in contact with her for the past 6 months or so. We went by and talked to her non-member husband who told us Monday would be a good time to visit. So we contacted her fellowshipper, Sister Miller, as she was investigating and she agreed she would come. We got to the apartment building, (and I have worked in areas with lots of apartment buildings. They are wonderful, but a huge hindrance as it is sometimes difficult to get in. And it was definitely the case with this one since their telephone box was broken and sometimes you just have to wait till someone walks out and opens the door for you.) So we prayed that we would find a way to get into the apartment building, and we even got there about 15 minutes just so we would for sure be in there before Sister Wallace came. But it was to no avail. The door was locked and there was no sign of anyone coming. So then we sat and thought. And decided to go around to the back door. Which was still locked..... but, a little broken. So we whip out a credit card and I remember my hoodlum days in Brooklyn Park... And we broke in. haha #livinthethuglife. We'll say the spirit prompted us to do that.

Since we were there a little early we decided to stop by Sister Rojo, a less active who lives across the hall from Yer. We sat down with them to do a quick fhe and our joint teacher texted that she was here. We told that to the family and they were SO excited to see her, so the kids ran down the stairs to go get her. Of course, being kids they made a lot of noise and commotion which brought Yer and her adorable kids out the door. They were so excited to see Sister Wallace and everyone said a lot of hellos and introducing and finally we got them all to come in to sister Rojo's place. We shared a fhe with both families where we made them title of liberties for each family, they had to gather together and write down things that are important to them. The kids got So into it and would tie their title of liberties (tank tops) around their necks and pretend it was a cape. It was amazing to see how well it had come together. We got to know both of them a little better, and it invited the spirit into their lives and their family as well. It was AMAZING! and so fun. I'll have to send you a picture of it a little later.

Then, later on this week we were out finding and we felt prompted to go stop by this potential investigator. We knocked on her door, she was uber busy but we got her phone number and agreed to set up a time with her. As we were leaving we saw this lady out in the hall and I was like, "I got to talk to her." So as we walked past I tried to strike up a conversation (and you would think after 1 year of doing this I would be a pro) and all I could think of saying was... "I like your.....pants" (she was wearing basketball shorts.) But the cool part was she is from Liberia, and nearly cried when she said that. I miss my Liberian friends! She has been asking God to help her find a church, she wants to get baptized, and when we went back to share the restoration with her She started breaking down and crying during the first vision. The spirit was so powerful! It was awesome, she definitely is a prepared soul! So sister Terry's conversation skills:0 The spirit:654682 Pretty cool.

Then a funny story: We were, once again, trying to find a less active (this ward has like 20% activity rate. It's outrageous.) and as we stopped by her nephew answered the door. Oh my goodness the smell of marijuana in the room was crazy ridiculous. but he wanted to talk about the gospel so we talked to him for a little bit. He started talking about how demons are following him around and all this crazy satanic stuff, and then said that when he talked with his pastor about it his pastor said that they are following him because he can do great things but he needs to give his life over to God. And then he turned to us and said, "what does that even mean?" Without missing a beat I just go, "Well there are certain things that keep us from living the life that God wants for us and obtaining his blessings and protections. For example, when people smoke pot it prevents them from feeling the spirit in their life and feeling the love of God." He was a little caught off guard by my brashness but did invite us back because, "he would love to hear more about the Norman's, and what Norman's believe." haha I am never going to get sick of hearing that. Hilarious!

Ahh I just love being a missionary. It is too good. It's such a joy to spend time laboring on God's behalf for the salvation of his children! And oh how he loves his children! We got to watch the 1st presidency devotional last night (we have a couple, Antionette and Reo that watched it with us. They are getting baptized Dec 20th!!) And I was particularly touched as they repeatedly emphasized how humble Christ's birth was. He really was not looking for recognition, worship, praise or anything else. He came simply to be obedient to God's will, and I am ASTOUNDED at how selfless he was. He never cared how he looked to other people, or anything. Ahh one day I hope to be more like him.

My name is Sister Terry,

I break into locked apartment buildings,

I testify of the evils of smoking pot,

And I'm a Norman.

happy Holidays!

Love, Sister TERRY

Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014

Dearest Mommy,

Um so my new companion is... Sister Jacklin. First name Sister. last name Jacklin. hahah I'm hilarious. She's related to Cade, and TJ Jolley. Isn't that uber cool? She is from AF. her brother runs xc. so she knows Timo.   This is the Jacksons. Caroline. And her mom Corrine

This is my wml's family. They are SO cool! Joe Wright and Naomi Wright

She (Sis. Jacklin) has been out for 3 months. Literally Sister Tingey just barely finished training her. 

This is Sister Renee Nunally. She's crazy. And less active. But always gives us tootsie rolls. She calls me her little gypsy. It's ridiculous. But we're best friends.

This is Sister Henstrom. Bishop's wife. She's a saint. literally. She's SO AWESOME

We live in an Apartment.
This is autumn ridge. Where all the Africans live. We're going there someday. And I will teach you the African ways. But it's also really gross, sketchy and unsanitary.

This is Musu. She's really cool. less active.

We went over to the relief society president's for thanksgiving. (I don't remember her name.... haha) we ate a LOT of food. Did I tell you that I love pie? Pumpkin is my favorite. So I ate a lot of that. And mashed potatoes.

And of course, the Coopers. my favorite family ever! They are supposed to come to Utah next summer. So we'll see them. and take them to the TEMPLE! woot! 

This is grandma Massa, and Tennah. They are the best! Grandma only speaks Pelle, which is an African tribe language. And both of them are scheduled to get baptized in January! WOO!

The area.... Well it has a lot of potential. Literally. There is a couple that the sisters were working with. They now have a baptism date for Dec 20th. And we were spending a lot of time finding. Lots of new transfer miracles! Last transfer they only taught 1 or 2 people the restoration a week. But this week we taught 8 people!! WOO! so we are excited to find new people especially the Lord's elect. So for right now it was dead. But underground God has just been preparing a lot of people and we need to find them! There are a lot of people from east Africa. A lot of Muslims. Which are my favorite people to teach! So it's perfect! But it's a wonderful blend of apartments, modest housing, and rich people. So I like it a lot. I am very blessed to be here! 

This is Tylene. Hopefully she tagged me on facebook! Her daughter is the cutest biggest punk ever! One time, she was playing with my hair and scurried off for 2 seconds, came back and started putting globs of hair grease in my hair! I had to wash it 4 times before it all came out!

Sister Smith. My old companion

Sister Jacklin has been here for 41/2 months. So I lied. Sister Tingey did not just finish training her. She finished and then spent another transfer here.

Melia Gruber. She came home for thanksgiving. She goes to UVU and is supposed to call you to cook her a home cooked meal soon! :) thanks mom

This is Rose. And her sister Muna. Which is why I might have Ebola. Her sister just came from Liberia a few weeks ago. Cross your fingers!

Burnsville is South of Bloomington. Medicine Lake is north of Minneapolis. They are on opposite sides of the city. SO no. We didn't cover here. I've never been here before. Everything is very foreign and new. but that's okay! 

This is Ellen Nounea, and her mom, Martha. BEST FAMILY EVER! they are members, from Liberia. Super awesome though! Very stalwart!

Sorry this picture is so lame. Shaharrah couldn't stop crying so we didn't get a good one. But this is Shaharrah. She's getting baptized Dec 27th. I'm SO excited for her.

This is Brother Quaye. AKA Mufasa. He's my idol. I literally just recorded a meeting that we had with him, and he just speaks with crazy POWER! ahh, a quote from the last time I talked with him "You decided to subject yourself to discomfort and follow Jesus" See what I mean? 

And then sister Teuscher, and Fifi. haha on exchanges. Too good.

This is the family that we found last Saturday. We taught the dad a restoration lesson while he was out walking. And he asked us to pray that he can find food and start providing for his kids. 3 minutes after we prayed with him, a lady pulled over to him and handed him a bunch of frozen meats (I joke you not. I can't even make this stuff up. welcome to the hood)
He was SO anxious to come to church, and Everyone LOVED them! We taught them on Tuesday and they asked us how long before they can join our church. Ahh God is so awesome. I love it. 

This is Kammassah Quaye. She's pretty rad. Also, her home is infested with potential ebola. ( I like to live dangerously. and might have given ebola to the entire cities. oops.)

Well, I hope you enjoyed all the pictures! Information overload perhaps? haha but life is so very good in Burnsville! It's a frost -1 degrees and the only veggies I have eaten this week come from Salsa. But that's okay! haha Sister Jacklin is super rad. She likes to run, and is very chill. She's super down for everything, and I’m going to teach her how to crochet today! As stated before, not much work happening right now as far as gators, but there is SO much potential. And I love finding people to teach. So I'm anxious to get to work and start saving souls! Burnsville is a relatively tiny ward. It's activity rate is a meager 30% with even lower home and visiting teaching rate (I'm going to sneak that in here every week. I have truly become converted. Do your home and visiting teaching PEOPLE!) But the people are wonderful! So much diversity and everyone is so welcoming, especially in the frosty weather. I am no longer a sister Training leader. So that gives me opportunity to study good things and focus on my people! It's a great relief, haha I loved it while it was going on. But I do like being able to sleep and focus on my area too. It gives me a chance to focus on leading in a more subtle way and hopefully just being that missionary that everyone forgets about cause you don't even need to worry about them. President did tell me that next transfer I'll be training, so I'm anxious to build up the ward and practice my patience! Hopefully this time around things will be much better!

I love you lots and lots. hope you had a great Thanksgiving week. And that you have an enjoyable time during this Christmas holiday!

Love, Sister TERRY

November 23, 2014

Wow! Time has certainly been racing by, and other transfer has come and gone! Unfortunately though, I wasn't able to sneak by another transfer in Medicine Lake. The time has come for me to leave and go to Burnsville. It is so bitter sweet to say goodbye to all these wonderful people! I am so excited to meet the people in Burnsville and be in a new zone for the first time in a year. But I am SO SO sad to have to leave! I feel like in my life I never had a hard time saying goodbye in school, or even after college. But for some reason on my mission being transferred has been the hardest, most difficult thing in my life. I have come to love these people so much. And I certainly hope that I have made a difference in their life. But no matter what small change I might have caused for them I know that they have made a huge impact on my life. I have never met a more devoted people, humble and pure. They have taught me how to love, how to sacrifice and to keep our eyes on the temple no matter what.

In my studies this morning I came across this quote,

"You cannot develop respect for someone who does not utilize his talents to the best of his ability. This is one of the great problems in the mission field. No matter how good you are, in every mission there are young men who take their callings as missionaries altogether too lightly. For every act of indifference, for every degree of laziness, for every failure to live up to the highest capacity which is ours in the performance of our missionary duties there is a penalty. I cannot tell you what the penalty is, but I am conscious of the one great penalty. That penalty is that when you leave the mission field, you take with you the standard that is going to be yours all of your life. If any of you elders feel that you can rise above the standard you fix for yourselves while you are laboring in the mission field after you get home, I am sure you are in for a very, very sad disappointment. I have had the privilege of watching returned missionaries come home from the field for over fifty years, and I have yet to see the first case within my experience where a missionary ever did anything better than he did his missionary work. It is very popular though out the world to seek to get something for nothing. As far as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is concerned, or the Gospel of Jesus Christ, there is no room for such philosophy therein."

Even though it is so hard for me to say goodbye, I know that i will continue to grow in the gospel as I am moved to Burnsville. And that doing God's will is so much more important than doing my own. I feel like I am finally starting to figure out what missions are all about. And I certainly hope that I can do everything that God wants me to in the 3 short transfers that I have left.

But on to better and funner things!

We have an investigator named Musa that we are teaching, he is from Sierra Leon and he is AWESOME! He came to stake conference last week, and as we were talking to him about the holy ghost he was telling us about how it spoke to him during that conference that this is something of God and he needs to be a part of it. AHH! and he was Muslim when we found him! How cool to see such a huge change happen in his life in just a few short weeks. Him and his daughter will be baptized on Dec 20.

Then there is also Shaharrah, who is 13 and a friend of the coopers. She is doing so good and is set to be baptized in December! She is the cutest thing, and she cares about the gospel so much! We went through baptism interview questions with her this week and it was amazing how much she knew and how diligently she has studied so she can make this a part of her life!

also, on Saturday we were walking around trying to find people to teach and we saw this man Lester walking down the sidewalk. We talked to him for a little bit and asked him where he was going, which he replied, "nowhere, I just felt like I needed to go for a walk." we shared the message of the restoration with him and he was SO excited! he loved everything and then asked if he and his wife and 2 boys could come to church with us. and we told them we would get them a ride and give them a call. Later on that night we hadn't got him a ride yet, and he called us and was like, "Hey I really want to come to church, do you have a ride for me?" and that NEVER happens. but he came, and Everyone LOVED him, and just lit up when he talked with them. Ahh it was so good. This area has just exploded. When I first got here there was no one to work with and we were struggling to find people to teach, and this Sunday we got 7 people to church, we have 5 people working towards baptism in the next month and there is so much goodness going around. AHH i am so sad to be leaving. But I am so excited for Sister Smith and everything that is going for this area! It has been such a blessing to be here. I love seeing how much can change in such a short amount of time. And I have really found that attitude is everything. If you want to share the light of the gospel, you have to be shining yourself.

and of course, enjoy this picture of our crazy district. Hooligans. all of them.

Happy thanksgiving!!!

Love, Sister TERRY

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014


hello! How are things going in UTAH? Well it ended up snowing..... and snowing.... and snowing some more. And it's dang cold. I don't know how many inches. But we are down to the single digits and I think that winter is here to stay! Yesterday we had stake conference and our inspired stake president said that the theme of this winter is: EMBRACE WINTER! so it's 11 degrees outside. I'm wearing 2 layers of tights, wool socks, and 3 shirts and I will embrace winter!!! woot woot!

I don't need any cold medicine. i just need to take my vitamin d and then life will be fine.

We are spending thanksgiving with the Jacksons. Well hopefully, as long as I don't get transferred. Transfers are the day before thanksgiving. so pray that I can stay longer! Also, we are running a 5k with some of the ladies in the ward! woot woot! I am so stoked! It's started to get a little too cold to go out running, but luckily the Jacksons have a treadmill that we can use. so I'm not getting too out of shape.

This week was really good. Well it's just been an interesting time all around actually. First of all Rose and her family have a relative straight from Africa living with them. So they are under quarantine because they might all have ebola. But they didn't tell us that until we were already in their home talking with them. So I might have ebola. hahahahah I'm not joking. But it probably won't happen. And I hand sanitized right after. so fingers crossed.

Also, things have been super crazy with our investigators! Last week everything was up in the air, but this week we got it straightened out! Shaharrah (13, African American) is getting baptized Dec 13th. Marcos was supposed to get baptized this week, but won't be able to cause his work has been increasing his hours and now he hasn't been able to come to church for the last few weeks. But he's reading from the book of mormon and will get there soon! And then we found a family, we are teaching the dad (musa) and his daughter (maria, 8) and then he has a little 1 year old son named eli who is completely crazy! but I love him. They are supposed to get baptized on Dec 20th. so hopefully that happens too!

Ahh I love medicine lake. Well, I just love being a missionary. It has been SO good! It seems that no matter how hard things get or how cold it is, there are always tender mercies from God. He is very involved in every detail of our lives. And I am so thankful for this restored Gospel that teaches us these truths and helps us to make changes in our life so we can return to him again.

Love, Sister TERRY

Saturday, November 15, 2014

November 10, 2014

Well first off, the reason why I am writing so late.... IT IS SNOWING! So president grounded our cars. It's a lot like being actually grounded. aka NO FUN. But we did get some much needed cleaning in. Anyways, it's the first snowfall of the winter and it's about 4 inches in and weather reports say that we're supposed to get 12 to 15 inches!! WOOO WINTER!

It's been getting a lot colder lately, and made me realize that I might not ever see the sun again until I am home! :( Summer went by way too fast, but luckily with one winter under my belt I figure that another one won't break me down. We pulled out our winter coats, hats and gloves today. And I said GOODBYE to all my short sleeve shirts. But at least it makes no shave November the easiest thing ever. no one will ever know. :p

We went on quite a few exchanges this week with sisters! I can't believe this transfer is already half way over, it's so interesting to see how easy it is to get things done when both sister smith and I are here together, and then it seems that things get real crazy when one of us is gone. Lately I've been thinking that President is going to have me stay here for another transfer so I stay here during exchanges to (hopefully) teach the sisters how to teach better...? haha it's an adventure, that is for sure. but a fun one! I feel so lucky to work with these sisters, and it's such a blessing to get to know them all!

UMMMMM well, it's kinda just been the same ol same old. Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Lately, all the little children whose parents we are teaching are sick. SO that means that Sister Terry got sick. again. I'm pretty sure I have the worst immune system EVER.

I've been learning a lot about humility. Which is for the best since I've been avoiding working on that Christ-like attribute for... several years. It's been amazing to see how quickly contention seeps in when we are being prideful. And how the spirit literally can not be with us when that happens. It's been such a blessing to work alongside Sister Smith! she has taught me so much about being humble, and teachable. I am so lucky to work with her!

Have a fantastic day!

Love, Sister TERRY

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November 3, 2014

For Halloween. Well we taught people of course! We just set up appointments with people. And also, Africans don't celebrate Halloween. Basically they feel like you are worshiping Satan if you do. and even though a lot of them are Christian they are super superstitious and don't like to mess around with that kind of stuff.

This week was rad. Elder Carlson of the 70 came and talked to the entire mission. It was really awesome what he said. He talked about prayer, and how we need to focus more. Something he challenged us to do was to spend 10 minutes just thinking about either the savior or our mom. (I did the first one, sorry mom.) But it was WAY cool! He talked about how focus doesn't come naturally to us. But, as always I just like to prove people wrong. so I did it twice. But the important part was that I learned SO much during it. I realized how much knowledge I had been taking in but never really interpreting or applying to my life, so just by thinking of Christ and his life I came to understand him so much greater.

He also talked about how the commandment be ye therefore perfect is a step by step process. And in order to become more like the savior, we have to do things (ordinances) to become better. and how we can't be pushing people up the hill to the celestial kingdom, but we can help pull them along. That means that we have to be at a higher place then they are. Ahh it was so great. I learned so much. After that we had an MLC with him where he talked to us about leading the way Christ leads. And basically taught us about the come follow me program. which is uber cool.

This is one of my favorite things he said. Someone asked him, "How do you handle the tired, exhausting work?"

He said, "I don't get tired. I'll go for a bike ride. This stuff is better than flying a jet or driving a Porsche. And I've done both." Haha isn't that so great??

One of my favorite miracles this week happened on Monday. We were out knocking on doors, and as we were standing on a door step a lady approached. Awkward enough, it was her home that we were knocking on, she invited us in for a little bit and we got to know her. As we started talking about God, she mentioned her past experience with it. She shared how she used to believe in God, and when things got really bad the only thing that prevented her from committing suicide was that she didn't want to go to Hell. But as soon as she realized that God doesn't exist she tried to commit suicide but failed. She then shared her experiences in rejecting God and how it has affected her life. It was so cool to testify of God as our Heavenly Father, and we shared the video "Sitting on the Bench." Honestly, it was one greatest times in my mission and understanding that our responsibility isn't just to share the restoration to everyone. Instead, to bring people closer to the Savior.

THIS WEEK HAS BEEN THE BEST WEEK EVER!!! my goodness, I wish that I could just write everything that happened. Haha but that would take AGES!

But one of the coolest parts was on Sunday. On Saturday one of the African couples in the ward got sealed in the temple. Oh my goodness, we have been preparing them forever, and their home teachers, and visiting teachers and the bishop and everyone else. As well as the senior couple who used to work in the ward. They came back to visit them and the place was PACKED with Africans. Which made testimony meeting the best thing ever. First, the man who got sealed got up and bore his testimony about joining the church 15 years ago and thinking that baptism is the end. That he made it. and he said, "Those of you who are investigators, or recent converts. Baptism is not the end. The blessings of the temple can be yours. You are not done. Keep working to get to the temple." Okay, first off, when Africans talk it's the voice of Mufasa ringing in your ears. And instead of it being all tender where they bear their testimony and shed a few tears, they yell into the microphone and wave their arms around. It's the most beautiful thing ever. Kinda like Elder Holland in his prime. But with even more enthusiasm.

Another quote from brother Mentoe, another African, "The scientists may go, the doctors may go, but only God can save us from this deadly disease." -talking about ebola.

"Time is an Enemy. it waits for no man." Ahh I am so blessed to be here. I have no idea how I will survive being back in Utah with no Africans.

have a Blessed week! This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Love, Sister TERRY

Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Hello mom!

Well, I haven't been home for Halloween in 2 years. So maybe that's why I don't remember the death of the screaming mat. You would be glad to know that at least 1 house on every block has a giant spider hanging from their roof as a decoration. And I utterly refuse to knock on those ones. It's crazy. People are SO into Halloween! And the spiders ARE HUGE. It makes it hard for knocking at night, I'm always SO scared that a spider is going to drop on me. But enough about my crazy paranoia.

What the Todd Jepperson? That's pretty cool. What a small world. One day I will try to do family history. But it's definitely not my strong suit. (Todd is a teacher at OJH and we are distant cousins.  We invited his family over so we could get to know them better and figure out how we are related)

The 5 languages of love are: Service, quality time, words of affirmation, touch, and gifts. (Our RS instructor used these in her lesson on Sunday and I asked if Sidney knew about it, which apparently she does)

We talk about them a lot, because as we work with the sisters we have to help them feel our love so it's not just us coming in trying to correct everything that they are doing. But that we love and appreciate the hard work that they are doing and simply offer suggestion to be more effective and continue in being converted. SO the best way to do that is by helping them feel our love by us knowing their love language and doing our best to express it to them.

This week was super fantastic, as always! But really, the beautiful fall weather is incredible right now and the weather got a little warmer so I put my tights back in the closet for another week. :) Minnesota is literally the most beautiful place in the whole world. With all the lakes and trees there is always beautiful scenery as we are driving.

Last Monday we got all the sisters together to do a SISTERS P-DAY!! woot! We carved some pumpkins and did a big thing on this paper called the 40 day fast. Where basically you write down everything that is preventing you from being a consecrated missionary, and then you fast asking God for strength to change and not do those things any more. And for 40 days you do your best to get rid of those bad habits and it invites the spirit into your life! It's super cool, and we are SO excited to be doing it with all these sisters. They are all incredible missionaries and very driven so hopefully they will be led to find many people to teach as they become more consecrated.

We had to pass of a lot of our super cool investigators to the Elders (since all our investigators are men... uber weird) But we are working with Marcus still, and he committed to live the word of wisdom this week! It's been really cool, because as we talked as a companionship about our strengths and our weaknesses, something we noticed is that we were not being very BOLD. We recommitted to be more bold with people as they make changes to come closer to Christ and especially in accepting baptism and we have seen a huge change! Marcus is set to be baptized on the 22nd of November. And then we have another investigator named Shaharah who is getting baptized on Dec 13th. And hopefully many more to come! It's been so cool to see how God helps us to help these people as we turn to him for support and guidance.

We also did an exchange with the Elm Creek sisters. Ahh. it was so good to be back in elm creek again. I LOVE that place, probably way too much. haha but it was cool to introduce them to some of the less actives that I had worked with. And to see how much the ward had changed since I had been there. Luckily, all my recent converts there are doing pretty good, and the work is still taking off in that area. And of course, it was a delight to be with Sister Parke! We did a lot of biking (which I loved) and running (even though I forgot my running shoes, I became pro at barefoot running!) and she is just such a friendly, up beat person!

Yesterday we had a mission president's fireside. Where an Elder Carlson of the 70 came, and we brought our investigator girlay. She is super cool! She's been dating a member of the church for the past 10 years, and knows the book of mormon is true but just struggles understanding why she needs to get married. She actually was living in elm creek ward when I was there, and just recently moved to medicine lake ward. So I'm excited to work with her again.

God is hastening his work in Minnesota! and I am so excited to be a part of it! Have a great week! I love you!

Sister TERRY

Sunday, October 26, 2014

October 23, 2014

For p-day we are going to carve pumpkins with all the sisters!! WOOT WOOT! sister p-day!

Oh Rose. She's not doing well at all. I have been praying for her EVERYDAY. But she is very set on the fact that she prayed and God told her that the church is not true. But I hope that one day she will come around. It's actually really sad. The retention rate for the recent converts in this ward is incredibly low. :( But miracle! We've been trying to find a recent convert named Munah. She's actually probably illegal here, and just lost her apartment and her phone so we had no idea how to find her. She was missing for 3 weeks and has a desperate need to embrace the healing of the atonement. So as we were praying and praying to find her and searching in all the apartment buildings where her friends live, we FINALLY found her! It was such a miracle and she was able to come to church on Sunday, and hopefully will be able to continue to come and build her conversion.

Also, coolest story ever, once upon a time I was with my old companion at the library and we met a cute Chinese lady named Fayefay. We striked (initiated a conversation to get to know her) and talked a little about the gospel, got down her phone number and gave her the address to the church. 2 months later we called her up Saturday and left a message inviting her to church. Sunday comes around and she arrives at church! And is ridiculously emotional the entire time. After, I talked to her for a little bit and she just broke down saying that her family life is awful and she doesn't know what to do, she feels so lost and is looking for guidance so she decided to come and then said, "I know I need to get home, but I just don't want to leave, I don't understand this feeling that I have." It was the most touching thing I have ever witnessed. I just started crying realizing how much God was aware of her and knew that she needed the peace in this gospel! We gave her a Book of Mormon and set up a time to visit with her and she said, "I'll go home and read it right now!" Ahh cute little Fayefay. I just cannot believe how aware God is of each of us. It's completely crazy. And overwhelming that we have the opportunity to be his hands in providing the relief and knowledge that people are starving for. Missionary work is so good. I can't imagine how anything could possibly live up to the greatness of life that I have seen here.

Oh hey. We went and visited another less active, and they had a screaming mat just like ours! And I totally wigged out! Dang Halloween. It makes me so jumpy because I keep expecting spiders to pop out everywhere!

We went to the ward's Halloween party on Sunday. It doesn't quite match up to our wards party but it was really cool, and we got a lot of investigators out to it! Another miracle is that we finally taught 30 lessons this week! I have set that as a goal when I first came here, and it finally happened! I love having people to teach and bring closer to the gospel!

Missionary work is so good. I love it so much. Every single week I think that it can't get any better but then it does. This really is God's work, and there are so many miracles every single day. The church is true!

love, sister terry!

Once upon a time I was strolling through the woods and we thought that we would go all twilight and take cool pictures next to trees. However, as I was running back to pull a pose I thought it would be a great idea to change it to a jungle tree swinging picture. So I jump and grab hold of the tree, my toes tingling with excitement at this great success that it would be.... and the tree broke. And thus this picture was born. Enjoy.

More pictures:

Monday, October 13, 2014

October 13, 2014

This week was super great! Starting off with a fantastic p-day last Monday! We went up to the park as a zone and played some really fun games. AKA ULTIMATE FRISBEE! Good thing my 4 years of xc prepared me for that game, cause we won! Actually, really funny story as we were preparing for the battle of ultimate Sister Smith (my companion) turns to me and asks, "Sister Terry, are you a competitive person?" And I responded, "Affirmative." and she goes, "I thought so." but hey. I've clearly made leaps and bounds of improvement if it took her 5 weeks to find out. But we won, and apparently I got a little too into it, cause I lost my voice for the next 3 days. #oops. but partly cause I was still a little sick from last week. I just didn't want to sit out on all the fun. We also had an egg toss. Poor sister Smith got it all over herself. hahah okay. I was laughing when it happened. But I also helped her clean it up.

Tuesday was MLC (mission leadership Council). President Forbes has really been pushing us to work on finding through members. Especially meeting with active members, and have them set up an appointment for us to go meet the less active people that they visit teach with them. It's a really cool initiative. The only problem is when people don't do their visiting and home teaching. Literally if there is one thing I have learned this past month is how crucial visiting and home teaching is. We would have much greater retention as a whole church if people viewed this calling with greater importance. alright, I'll step down from my soapbox now. MLC totally inspired me though, I LOVE president and Sister Forbes, they are the sweetest people you could ever imagine. After the meeting you leave with such great hopes and filled with the spirit! We were able to invite 3 people to be baptized that night, and we are working on being much more bold in inviting people to change!

We blitzed two of the sister teams we work with, it has been such a blessing to be in this area for so long and become so close with all the sisters! They are all such fantastic missionaries. And it's been so cool to see their conversion to Christ deepen and to see how much their areas have improved as they change. I am always so impressed at how quickly we can change and let go of those things that are holding us back from becoming more like Christ. Especially as we think about why we need to change, and what blessings are in store for us if we do.

Let me end with a super great quote,

"The Lord works from the inside out. The world words from the outside in. The world would take people out of the slums. Christ takes the slums out of people, and then they take themselves out of the slums. The world would mold men by changing their environment. Christ changes men, who then change their environment. The world would shape human behavior, but Christ can change human Nature. Yes. Christ changes men, and changed men can change the world. Men, captained by Christ will be consumed in Christ. They set fire in others, because they are on fire themselves."

I feel so lucky to be a missionary, especially in Minnesota! This is the greatest place on earth, and the opportunity to share the gospel with the people here is the greatest blessing I could ever have. I've never loved so many people, or felt so invested in their spiritual welfare. It's been the most exhausting, painful experience. But I've never felt closer to my Savior. And, if I am to help people come closer to Christ and accept his gospel I must do the same first. I am so thankful for the wonderful examples I have had in my life to help prepare me to serve a mission. This really has been the best year of my life.... so far. :)

Have a fantastic week!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

October 5, 2014

Last week as I was going through all the messages she sent I missed these two pictures:
Sisters Terry and Smith with Veronica

Sisters Terry and Smith at the Como Zoo


hello. I don't have much time to talk but I'll try to move my fingers at a rapid rate to give you a long email, although I can't promise that the quality will be all that wonderful, at least you will have a sufficient quantity. maybe.

Conference was wonderful! Actually, I was uber sick for the past few days, and it was hard to concentrate at places, but I really liked it. Crazy how they talked about sustaining church leaders so much!

I really liked that German guy’s talk, as well as hey! Elder Gadoy talked! that's the one in the 70 that came to our mission! Now you know! We're going to have another member of the 70 come soon too.

We went to the church on Saturday to watch, since we had some investigators who were going there. Then on Sunday we went to family called the Wilsons. (look them up on facebook. Sarah Wilson, and Paul [the third] Wilson) they are SO cool! President Wilson is in the stake presidency. And Sarah Wilson is the young women's president. We've been working with her a lot as we try to reclaim the lost and fallen Rose Flahn.

Then for the afternoon session we watched it with the England family. Ahh I wish you could meet all these people. they are a delight! Lots of uber cute families! Sister England went on a mission to South Africa, which was uber crazy and a lot of her companions got raped or mugged. So now sister missionaries aren't able to go to south Africa. But she's this cute dainty house mom that doesn't take crap from people. It's so cool. And we used to go running with her when Sister Smith and I ran.

I thought about the family, and the spirit prompted me that you were all watching conference on the projector. Either that, or we are still somehow connected with our minds. Either one.

How is work going? and cross country? and exercising? haha you are a busy mommy! But that's the way it should be. Don't forget to do family history though! :)

All is well in Medicine Lake. I love it lots and lots. We have to get going because we have a zone activity today (obstacle course! guess who is going to win!! ) I've been working on being less competitive with... well everything. Numbers, baptisms, exercise and what not. But when it comes to obstacle courses. I WILL DEFEAT THEM ALL. I guess I probably get it from Andrew. SO we'll blame him.

But I hope you have a great day!

Love, Sister TERRY

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September 29, 2014

WELL, this week has been a fantastic one! It goes by so quickly every time!! We went as a district to Como Zoo, which was fabulous! We especially loved the monkeys with really cool mustaches. Mega awesome! As well as I am a die hard fan of the lions. My lion king days have left me with a love and passion for them. so cool!

But as for actual missionary work, We went on a couple of exchanges this week. Sister Smith took over the area for a day, which I was SO sad to leave but she did fabulous and even taught Tina the law of chastity! WOOT! One step closer to receiving the covenant of baptism. And obtaining blessings for their family. I am so excited for her, she's just the most sincere wonderful lady I have ever met. It's such a joy to be with her.

But I went on exchanges with Sister Teuscher up in Maple Grove (I really hope that you are always looking up these places on google maps mom.) It's been so fun to see all these trainee's come in so green and new from the "real world" and watch them grow into a confident missionary who can preach the gospel and call people to repentance! what a joy! I am constantly so impressed with these wonderful sisters. I feel like I have the easiest bunch of sisters to watch over because they are so faith filled and are consecrated to the Lord! It makes it a joy to be around them! I also went on exchanges with Sister Richardson. We stayed in Med Lake, and found lots of new people to teach! #holla! #cryrepentance The best was when we found this lady named Jane and she is from Kenya, she owns a group home, which is where we knocked. After we taught her about the restoration we invited her to say a prayer with us, and she accepts and then goes to invite the other women who are there. There was a lady named April there, and Jane goes, "April, do you want to pray with us?" and April says, "Uh.NO." "Have you forgotten that I am a Wicken?" And Jane just looked at us, rolled her eyes and says, "okay. well we will pray for you." Oh my goodness I wish you could have been there. Because actually it was really funny, but probably in this email it seems really lame. SO sorry about that. 10 seconds of your life wasted.

Other highlight of the week, Victoria got baptized! I can not get enough of this cute 9 year old girl. She's such a character. Which I enjoy a lot. Her family is incredibly awesome, we are working hard on getting them to the TEMPLE! woo! the Hernandez family is awesome!

Also, General conference. I am SO stoked. It was amazing to hear the women's broadcast, and especially Elder Uchtdorf. He's so cool. I learn so much every time I get the pleasure of hearing from the apostles and prophets of God. What a blessing to be a part of the Lord's restored church where we literally have someone who is a spokesman for God. Sister Cooper (my recent convert) was asking us why it is SO long, and we talked about how it's only twice a year and she said, "Oh, so he has to tell us everything that God has told him in the past 6 months?! no wonder it's so long!" haha I can't get enough of her. But really it's SO true! There is so much that we need to learn and such a short amount of time to hear everything that they have to say! SO we need to start preparing NOW!

Also, Here's a quote. That I'm so obsessed with,
"I have desired, after traveling for 25 years to stay at home and minister among the people of God, and take care of my family. But God's will be done, and not mine. If it is the will of God that I should spend my days in proclaiming this gospel and bearing testimony of these things, I shall think myself highly privileged and honored. And when the spirit of God is upon me, I think it matters but very little what I suffer, what I sacrifice whether I secure the honor of dishonor of men, or where I die, if it so be that I can keep the faith, fight the good fight, and finish my course with joy. I have all eternity before me, in the which to enjoy myself." Parley P. Pratt.

I can never get over how cool being a missionary is! I wish I could explain all the fun laughs, the crazy cool miracles, and the bitter sweet moments. But it's unexplainable. but also incredible. I love it so much, and I feel SO lucky to be here in Minnesota!! It's the best place on EARTH!

love, Sister TERRY
On the way to Como Zoo with Sis. Smith

At Como Zoo

Nightly Planning


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 22, 2014

hey hey! sorry I don't have much time to write, but this week we are going to Como Zoo as a district! #holla
so we have to leave pretty soon.

WOW! I am just so thankful for you! as I go on exchanges with all these sisters one of the most common problems that we face is that they aren't feeling love from home so they can't focus on the work. It's difficult for them to love people, if they aren't feeling love in return. And I am just so thankful that it has never been a problem for me on my mission. That I've always been able to stay focused on the work and that I've always felt your love and support for me. so thank you! I realize that I am one of the luckiest girls ever to have a mom like you. :)

This week was really good! We are preparing for Victoria Hernandez's baptism this Saturday. She got her interview on Sunday and turned 9 today! woot woot! It was so funny, the other day we had a lesson in her home, and she came out wearing this shirt that said, "What does the fox say?" and I was totally wigging out trying to think of what that was from until I remembered that totally wicked youtube video! So sweet!! she's basically the coolest kid ever! I am so excited for her to be baptized! she has such a sincere desire to serve God, and is full of excitement to read and keep the commandments.
Also, by way of ridiculous stories. I went to a dinner with a member family this week. AND THEY HAD A LIVE PET TARANTULA. I joke you not. I literally had several miniature panic attacks and it probably took several thousand angels from heaven to comfort me and keep me from completely wigging out. Also, fun fact. Tarantula's molt. And they like to keep the exoskeleton thing and put them around the house. it was the most awful dinner that I have ever had. Even though they served really good food.
Hmm, what else. I had 5 Guys this week for the first time. Went on exchanges with a sister named sister smith. And another named sister Huang from Taiwan. Last Monday I went to St. Mary's Basilica in Minneapolis! it was so beautiful! it reminded me of the churches we went into in Germany. Beautiful. But they don't bring in the spirit like this gospel does. But very fun to check out. I'll have to send pictures.
Also, If you could pray for Rose Flahn that would be wonderful. She's going through some stuff, and has decided to go back to her old church. It's been so hard but I'm praying and fasting that she'll remember how she felt when we taught her and she'll come back soon.
And Taylor Sanford who I taught in Eden Prairie just moved into the ward that meets at our building at 9. so I saw her at church! it was SO great! :)
have a fantastic week!
love, Sister TERRY

Random Picture

St. Mary's Basilica

Sisters Terry and Smith, but not her companion, in Cedar Lake at Sis. Smith's apartment

Friday, September 19, 2014

September 15

This week was so good! Ahh I love being a missionary. It's so good. I just will never be able to get over how wonderful it is to be here in Minnesota. Even if I had to mourn a little bit this week as I broke out my handy dandy tights again. It's turning into winter too soon!

Some highlights from this week:

EXCHANGES! WOOT! I love going on exchanges. I stayed in med lake, Sister Taito (from Hawaii) came. It was SO GOOD. We had some awesome lessons. And she told me that my spirit animal is a DRAGON #intimidationfactor haha I learn so much from these sisters. It's so cool to see their desires to improve. With her we set a date with a soon to be 9 year old girl from Mexico! Her family are members, but have been less active as of late. They came to church though! And Victorica has the cutest little brother named Vinny. He's built like a tank and likes to wear our high heels. :) Him and Max would be like best friends! We also had a lesson with the raddest lady named Tina. She's SO cool! We taught her about repentance and she talked about how much her relationship with Christ has changed since we came.

ALSO. Sister Rebber came to med lake with me as well! We had a 36 hour exchange and then slept over in..... ELM CREEK! man. I miss that place. It's SO cool! But we had some great lessons too. We taught a lady named comfort. oh it was so heart breaking. We went to visit her on Saturday and as we talked tears streamed out of her eyes. She told us that her Sister in law had caught Ebola and her Husband is starving to death and hasn't had food for 2 days. It was so heartbreaking to hear of the struggles that she is facing, but as we read verses out of the Book of Mormon with her, the spirit touched her heart and gave her peace. After sacrament meeting we went over to her and her fellowshipper, Sister Comfort had on the biggest smile I have ever seen and said, "Thank you! Thank you for letting me come!" It was a miracle, and one that I will not soon forget!

A funny moment. We had dinner with the Kamarah family, who are African. Sister Smith wanted to try African food so badly! We had cassava leaf soup. It was delicious! but also super spicy. Poor sister smith was sooo sick. She turned so green and sister Kamarah kept apologizing for how spicy it was. But we were trying to tell her that we loved it! but then sister smith could barely hold it in so I ended up giving the entire dinner thought. But overall it was GOOD COOKING. I've learned that you can eat just about anything when rice is included and when it has been deep fried. #africanforlife.

7 of our people came to church this week! WOOT WOOT! I love it when they come! and then they feel the spirit, and there's no denying that there is something special.

Minnesota life is just too good. I have no idea how I got so lucky that God placed me hear. But I feel so blessed everyday of my life. This past year has been hard, but oh so good. And full of the tender mercies of God.

Today I was reading in 2 Nephi 16. I Love verses 8-11. I want that to be me! Saying Here am I, send me! and that I can labor and serve so that the people can be converted until the end of the world comes.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Love, Sister TERRY!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 8, 2014

Howdy mom!

I can't believe the young women are already reorganized. I feel so old. One day, I'll be called in to teach those little girls. Except I still feel like one.... also, since the infamous I'm a Norman day, you would be so surprised at how many people ask us if we are Normans. Maybe I just didn't notice it before. But it's an astounding amount.

My new companion is, wait for it.....Sister Smith. No joke. It's the same name, just a different face. She's from Farmington, Utah. I think. Wherever lagoon is, that's where she is from. She's been out a little over a year. Just a transfer longer than me, and she spent 10 months in her last area. Her dad works at toll house cookies, which is UBER SWEET. Literally. But also, those cookies. Yum. She's doesn't like to run, and she likes to eat sugary food. hahah which means trouble for me!! But I'm trying to be healthy and it's good practice for how to stay in shape when it's -20 degrees outside. People have already started warning us that it's supposed to be a colder winter than even last year. YIKES!

I'm still a sister Training leader, and I'm teaching Sister Smith how to be one. Honestly, it's a lot like the blind leading the blind. But hopefully we'll be able to be guided by the spirit :) I'm excited for the awesome things that are coming this transfer. Many blessing and guidance from God!!

I've started reading the new testament lately (aka like 2 months ago and then I got distracted, but now I'm trying to again) and Oh my goodness! I just love reading about Jesus Christ! It's amazing the way that he treated people, and how he was able to teach so clearly, naturally and lovingly. So much so, that those who were sinners wanted to change their lives and forsake their sins. SO COOL!

Actually, I was thinking about it cause we are teaching this super rad lady name Tina. She's part native american, and has lived a lot of the native american ways. But she has such a strong desire to change! And we taught her the word of wisdom this week. She used to drink coffee. I don't really know why it was so different teaching it this time, but it was just a lot more clear and the spirit was so strong as she accepted to live it! AHH I'm obsessed with her. Baptism soon. But first. law of chastity. She has 2 super cute kids. And they all came to church for the first time this week. yay!!!

But back to the new testament, I have just been so floored at the love that Christ shows for the people, his caring and gentle nature. I'm so excited for this transfer because it gives me an opportunity to start all over, with a different companion, and understanding her needs and what I can do to show my love for her.

Like always, I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I don't think I could ever say it enough. This has been the greatest blessing from God ever. I have experienced such a change of heart, and mind. I have seen the joy of my redeemer, and I am so grateful to witness these mighty changes of heart that my investigators experience. What greater way to spend my time than to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to my brothers and sisters here in Minnesota. I feel like the luckiest person ever to be able to participate in this work, and I'm thankful for my Father in Heaven for trusting me with his children as well as to represent his son Jesus Christ.

Love, Sister TERRY

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September 2, 2014

Hello MOM!!

yes. I can wear maxi skirts. I would love one! But only if they are super cute :) hahahaha

I haven't gotten your letter yet. But guess what! I don't know if i ever talked to you about sister Toone. She's like the raddest missionary ever. But anyway. she lives in Erda. And she had her family send me an Erda tshirt. haha so rad!! It's awesome. I'll take a picture and send it to you soon.

Food that I like? Everything! I had broccoli and stir fry the other day. which was good. And wraps. Lots of spinach wraps. hmmm lots of rice too. And some fried fish. it's pretty good when African's cook it. As well as cous cous. that's good. And some yogurt. I eat lots of yogurt. Most people just feed us some soup in the winter. Or regular American meals. It's never anything crazy. just REALLY good cooking. Just like yours :) I had key lime pie yesterday. It was DIVINE!

oh my goodness, crazy story. But you can't freak out k? So we were visiting a part member family and teaching them about the restoration and all was good. We left and started contacting around their house and as we are teaching this man from Mexico we hear TONS of shouting and crazy yelling coming from the house of the part member family. So we start walking back towards them (you know, cause we can.) and through the window we see them beating on each other hard core. It was so sad. And we had to call the police on them. so we haven't been back since then. But hopefully things are okay for them all.

Also, the next day we went to the temple (I saw the old film for the first time.... I felt the spirit. But also, it's ridiculous.) And that was really cool. I LOVE being at the temple. I totally took it for granted at home. But as we were leaving we saw that the car parked next to ours had the window broken. So we had to go back and report it. Turns out that an old lady left her purse on the seat of the passenger and someone broke the window and took it. I felt so bad for her! We helped clean up all the glass and such from her window and our member helped her call her insurance agency. Poor lady.

But overall it's been a fantastic week!! I am constantly so overwhelmed with the Love that God has for these people. I feel so blessed to be in this area. The ward members are wonderful, and the people we are teaching have such strong desires to follow God. Being a missionary is the greatest thing ever. I feel so blessed and lucky to participate in this great work.

Transfers are this Wednesday. I am staying in this area. But sister Smith is leaving. :( She's getting replaced by a different Sister Smith. I am so sad to say goodbye to her, and anxious to take over this area. But I am excited for the great things that God has in store for the people here!

Love, Sister Terry

Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014


We were doing things with our sisters missionaries. haha not sisters in the ward. Good question though. I can see how you can get confused. But we like to spend time with the sisters on p-day so we can get to know them some more and participate in fun activities with them. Mostly, it's just really cool cause you help them to have fun.

I feel like nothing tooo crazy happened this week. Well actually funny story. We were teaching this man named Alex, and his girlfriend and a few of her friends were eating food in the kitchen. So we start teaching Alex about the restoration, say a prayer and start to testify about how awesome this gospel is, and one of the girls comes over and says, "excuse me, but I have a question. Are ya'll norman?" and I was like, "We are Mormon." and she goes, "yeah. I have some friends who are Norman." And Sister Smith says. "oh, that's cool that they are Mormon." She never caught on..... so all week long we have been making I'm a Norman commercials with each other. #missionhumor

Actually, a really cool experience happened when I was on exchanges with Sister Trickler up in Andover. I went up to her area, and we were trying to stop by one of their investigators that they haven't had contact with for the past little while. 1st of all, she was home. 2nd, She proceeded to tell us all about her experience at the 1 direction concert last week and 3rd, we went to teach her about Sabbath Day, and the importance of following God so that he can bless us. And near the end I asked her, "What do you want Christ to help you with?" and she just starts crying, and talked about how she wants to be happy, but feels like she can't because of everything that is going on. But that she knows she's supposed to be so she pretends like she's happy all the time. The spirit was so powerful! And she gained so much hope that she can actually be happy. I love this gospel so much. It's really the only way that people can find the peace and joy that they are looking for.

Also, we played Quidditch for zone p-day. It was so sweet. #masterseeker except it's totally a Utah thing cause tons of people came over and started taking pictures of them. We were tempted to tell them that they could join if they would become members of our church. #mission fail.

I know that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. That we have the potential to change and become more like Him everyday. And one day we will all return to live with Him.

My name is Sister Terry, I'm a rad seeker. I preach the gospel. And I'm a Norman.

Love, Sister TERRY

Quidditch Practice with Sis. Smith

The  Zone

Minneapolis with Sis. Smith

The District

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Aug. 18, 2014


I finally wrote a thank you note to grandma. Sorry I don't write many letters anymore. It's hard to find time for anything.... lately we have been using our p-day to go spend it with the sisters and try to do things that they want to do. So my poor converts and my family don't get to have written letters from me anymore. But I will try to send you stuff soon!

SISTER COOPER'S BAPTISM!! ahh it was the cutest! Her husband baptized her, and confirmed her. We were practicing the baptism a few days before and she was really struggling to bend her knees and lean back. She was positive that he would drop her in the water. haha but it went well! While we were practicing they ran through the whole thing and Brother Cooper practiced saying the words. Oh my! the spirit was so strong! it just filled the entire room, I almost started crying. It is so wonderful that this family is completed, and now can start preparing to enter the temple. Triphena and Winet (their daughters) sang "When I am Baptized" with us. And the senior couple did the intermission.

This week I went on exchanges with Sister Shumway! I don't know if you remember her from the mtc, but she is super stellar! It was so much fun to go spend the day with her in Maple grove aka miracle grove! which is also where Elder Caskey is serving fyi. But anyways, she is basically the coolest person I have ever met and has taught me so much about how to be a diligent missionary. She developed plantar fasciitis (I don't know how to spell it) while on her mission and her feet are always in incredible amounts of pain and yet she is determined to stay out on her mission and never makes any excuses in skipping out on anything. ahhh I love these sisters so much. It is such a blessing to serve with them and learn from their righteous examples.

MOM. of course I loved the shirt. I swear I wrote home to you about it. I even showed the Jacksons when I got it. And I wear it all the time to bed.

ummm I don't know what else to write. Pray for the Liberians! These poor people are starving and dying and hopefully they will find a cure to the Ebola soon!

I LOVE YOU! keep being super awesome. Also they are not broadcasting the (Ogden Temple) dedication out here. Sorry.

Sister Cooper's Baptism

Love, Sister Terry

Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014


WOW! I can't believe that Ian is already leaving on his mission! time goes by so fast!

Thanks for the package... I already ate everything. #thespiritiswillingbutthefleshisweak I'm working on my self control. Hahah so sad.

(I got to go to Cross Country Camp this year and while I was there I was told that one of the faster girls was not talking nice about a slower girl so I asked Sidney about her experiences and this is her response. I have deleted the names to protect the innocent) OH my goodness. That story makes me so sad! That poor girl, what a trooper for trying to run though. I don't really know. I feel like I LOVED all the girls on the team. Even like H. E. when she was super slow. Or K. who was in M.’s ward and I don't remember her name. But honestly the thing that was most impressive was seeing people like Jake Berlin when they had the partner run and he was with H., he just stuck with her the entire way and never complained or groaned about being paired with her. I guess it's really just priorities. Is it important for your team to win? Or for everyone to have a good time? And of course, I'm SUPER competitive and when I was like a sophomore or junior I just wanted to win. But I remember that HUGE change that happened senior year. All of the sudden I just really loved these girls. Whether it was Ashley or Hannah(girls on her team), or even Summer or Ashleigh or Ellie(girls on another school team). It didn't do me any good to belittle them, or hope that they fail. I don't know if I ever shared the story with you about running in state. Where Ashleigh had just ran the 800, and won. But she was EXHAUSTED, and couldn't breathe at all. She just seemed so miserable as we were preparing to run the medley, and as I talked with her she was saying that she was going to the doctor next week to see if she could get an inhaler since she hadn't been able to breathe lately. My heart just broke seeing her like this, and I got my powerade and gave it to her, and showed her how to use my inhaler. (which is totally illegal but yolo.) Even though it meant that she would run fast. And beat me. It was okay. In the grand scheme of things, I had made a friend that would last for a long time, and the race would be over soon and I would forget. SO it's not really that important.

But mostly when it comes to helping other sisters with their individual worth I focus on the ways we express love, Either by Words of affirmation, Touch, gifts, quality time, and service. As we go on exchanges I see what they respond best to and then for the rest of the transfer that is how I focus on showing them my love. If there is something that needs to be corrected, I first acknowledge that I am definitely not perfect but that things would be much easier if.... and then I connect it to her desires. Most people desire happiness. Or desire a change on their mission. SO it's easy to relate it to them that way.

And of course, I am a HUGE fan of quotes, so I send them really cool quotes throughout the week. The thing that I realized the most, is that you cannot force anyone to change. Instead you can help them to grow that desire to change and point them in the direction to grow. Mostly it's a lot of love, and encouragement, and helping them feel like someone cares.

Like with ragnar when we ran it. That poor little girl was being railed on by her brother for being slow. What a bum, but I'm totally guilty of it as well. So it happens. I would suggest reading charity in preach my gospel. As well as the conference talk by Pres. Monson, Love the essence of the gospel. And always remember, "never let a problem to be solved be more important than a person to be loved." I have been so blessed to be in this area. Especially as we work with the African people. They have no idea how to raise a child, and more often than not they beat the child into submissiveness. Then when we come bearing the news of Jesus Christ I try to show my love not only to the parents but also spending time focusing on each child. The relief on their face as they feel God's love is so apparent, and I hope that even if their parents don't accept it that they will remember how they feel and will find the joy that the gospel can provide.

This week was quite wonderful, and very busy! We went on 2 exchanges with the sisters. I stayed in the area for both times! It's weird how quick you adjust to the new areas, and I love Medicine lake SO much! Sister Parke and Sister England were equally wonderful and it is so refreshing to spend a day with new missionaries who are so eager to share the gospel and love Minnesota!

Sister Cooper is getting baptized this upcoming Saturday and we are SO stoked for her. She is an incredible lady, and is excited to finally join her family in this gospel so that they can start the preparation to the temple!

We also found a family who came to church this Sunday. I wish that I could just have you all come and visit here for the day. You would be awestruck by the faith that these people exhibit, as well as their desires to serve God. I feel like the luckiest missionary to serve among such capable members and missionaries (including my spectacular companion, Sister Smith). God has blessed me in making this my holy ground.

Love, Sister Terry

Pictures from Medicine Lake---
Sisters Smith and Shumway

Sisters Smith, Terry, Rebber, Parke

Sisters Richardson, England, Terry, Smith


Marshmallow Mateys!!


Rose's Baptism with Sister Smith

Stone Arch Bridge with Sister Smith

Old District

Zone Service