Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Week 5

Guess what! I've officially been out a MONTH. What??? Time literally has flown by! And SO much has happened this week!

First of all, we did SO much knocking on doors this week! I joke you not, it's tracting season! We met many a lovely people, and also many a not so lovely people who exercised their agency by not listening to the greatest message of their entire lives. But persistence is key in this sort of work and God will always win!

BUT we did meet a fantastic lady who is a devote Baptist and well rehearsed in her bible verses. Other religions fascinate me, and it wasn't long before we were discussing beliefs. My favorite part about meeting God's children who question our testimony is the opportunity that we get to BOLDLY declare that we know the truthfulness of our message! Literally though, she was hinting that our testimonies are more our parents testimonies than our own, and that we will be able to know the truth when we start questioning our beliefs, I have NEVER seen Sister Mansfield testify so strongly that this is the true church and that she knows that God has answered her prayers, and that God knows that she knows it is true and she CANNOT deny it's truthfulness. Ahh, she's so legit. That's why she's sister training leader, cause she's dang rad.

We also did exchanges this week with some other sisters. I was able to visit Minnetonka and spend the day with Sister Hessan. The only way to describe her is that she's the soul sister of Brooke Hodson. Literally the entire time I was with her I had déja vu about cross county. But it was a grand time overall and we were able to meet some great people and teach some restorations! YAY!

Unfortunately, in our area people are not so inclined to hear the restoration. It's super strange because people have heard about our church, read the Book of Mormon, and either think it's "an interesting book" or that it's true, but all churches lead to God so it's not important which church you are a part of. WHAT? ha crazy people. I love them though. And will keep trying to come up with ways to share my testimony with them, and explain the necessity of saving ordinances with the proper priesthood power. The funniest thing though is getting to go knocking at 7. It's about pitch black by then, cause it's practically winter over here in little Canada so people come up to the door and always say things like, "what are you doing out so late?" "You be careful, it's pretty dangerous this time of night" hahah LOVE IT!

I wish that I could tell you everything that's going on, and how great missions are, except for those times when no one want to listen to you and then they are frustrating but then you pray and remember that the Lord is on your side and will NEVER forsake you or forget you (2 Nephi/Isaiah). But overall, it's a lot like life with good times and bad, but we do have that eternal perspective, and are able to have hope that the bad times won't last and that Sunday will always come. (Joseph B Wirthlin)

I LOVE you ALL!!

Love, Sister Terry

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