Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Transfer Week

Hello my family! Well I've officially made it one whole transfer! WOOT WOOT. It's pretty embarrassing that it's taken me this long, but I finally feel like I've gotten the hang of mission life. And luckily I get to stay here for another transfer and Sister Mansfield is still my trainer/companion. Happy day!

So much happened this week that it's hard to say everything! First of all Elder Godoy of the 70 came and talked to us! It was so cool! He's so awesome and so funny. He told us a bit about his conversion story, about how he was living in Brazil and sister missionaries were able to teach him and eventually baptize him. But then he met with them 20 years later and one of them was inactive. WHAT?! Isn't that nuts? I can't believe that after going on a mission, and coming so close to God and seeing so many miracles that someone could go inactive after all of that. It breaks my heart, and I see it everyday. We forget so quickly how much the Lord has blessed us in our lives, and the miracles that we've seen. I sincerely hope that I will be able to always remember that nothing I accomplish is by my own power but it's when my wants and dreams align with God's will that things really happen.

And that happened this week! We were meeting with an investigator, Sister Hernandez and she's super awesome but is having some financial problems. We were going to meet with her the day of the conference with Elder Godoy, but the conference ran late and we have to have the lesson in a member's home. So it was a pretty hectic time. Usually we just resort to having it in this one member's home when we are rushed because she's pretty flexible and can do it on a last minute notice. But for some reason I decided to call one of the members of the ward that is super busy and we haven't been able to have a lesson in her home before ever. This is a really confusing story but it's got a great ending so bear with me! Somehow she miraculously didn't have anything going on that night and we were able to have it at her house. So Sister Hernandez comes to the house and is talking about how her poor daughter needs a winter coat because she's freezing! And Sister Bahr (who is the member whose house we are having the lesson at) happens to have a random winter coat that is the perfect size! Then Sister Hernandez said that her son has outgrown his car seat and she needs to get a new one but as most people know they are dang expensive! But again, sister Bahr says a member of the ward gave her a car seat just yesterday and she doesn't really need it. It happens to be the perfect size for him. As we talk about the lesson and such sister Hernandez has been struggling to know if God is really there, but we come to find out that just the night before she had prayed asking God for a coat and a car seat for her children.

I know that God listened to her prayers, and he answered them. So many times I get so caught up asking for so many things and trying to remember what I'm supposed to say and then I forget about what I even prayed for. But since I've been on my mission I've had more prayers answered than ever before. It's amazing the way it all works out if we only pray in faith. I LOVE this gospel so much, and I love that I know God answers prayers and that's my favorite part about teaching the restoration is inviting people to pray to know if it is true. Because it IS true! I know it. God knows it. And the rest of the world can know it as well if they pray with a sincere heart.

Love,Sister Terry

P.S. the picture is of the family I'm staying with. In the middle it's me and my companion sister Mansfield. I'm SO glad I get to stay here for 5 more weeks at least!!! YAY!

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