Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 7, 2014

Well this week has definitely been a great one! We have been working super hard in sharing shorter messages but having the spirit with us ALL the time, and involving it in everything that we do. It's nice to be training a new missionary, because then all the ideas are fresh from the eyes of a member, and we don't get in a rut of how things just are with missionary work. So we are trying to be creative as well.
This week as we were teaching, we met a fantastic teenager named Ranisha. We were teaching her a doorstep restoration lesson and as we got to the end and committed her to be baptized, she fainted!! no joke. It was terrifying. So we stayed for a while and made her some mac and cheese to feel better. haha. It was definitely a crazy experience, but she seemed super excited for us to come back and share more of our message!

We also met with one of our investigators named Regina! Regina has been investigating the church for several years, but she finally knows it's true; she's just waiting for a day when her brother can come from Utah to baptize her! As we met with her, I was SUPER nervous because we had to let her know that a friend that she has been bringing to church is slim shady and some of the members know her and are not comfortable with her being there. It's so sad that although the church is for everyone, some are not able to attend because of past choices and the consequences for them. But I was worried that Regina wouldn't understand, and that she would question if the gospel is true if we tell her that her friend isn't allowed. But as I shared with her my testimony of the plan of salvation and the plan that God has for her friend it was amazing to see the spirit of God descend upon her. Understanding just flooded into her, and she accepted the things that we told her. It was quite humbling to remember that it is God that does the teaching, not me. And that my job is to place our investigators in a situation where they will be open to the teachings of the spirit!

WOO! and then of course, CONFERENCE! It was FANTASTIC! I loved the inspired messages given by the prophet and his councilors. I'm hugely looking forward to reading them for the next 6 months, and for many years to come! It reminds me how important that we have a prophet on the earth today, with priesthood keys to lead and guide the children of God. This really is a one of a kind church. And it is God's church here on the earth today.

I hope you all had a fantastic time watching conference, and that we can remain true to the faith until we stand at the judgment bar of God to account for the things that we have done in this probationary state.

Love, Sister Terry

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