Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 24, 2014

Hello Mom!!!

Well to start off, indeed I do have a new companion! Her name is Sister Tingey, she is from Bountiful (she know Amelia Bowles, my roommate from college!) and she is 19. She went to LDS Business college before her mission and got her associates in interior design.

So basically that should be enough information to stalk her life. Anyway, she is super cool! It definitely has been a new experience training someone to be a missionary but luckily she is definitely prepared and trying her hardest! haha it's true when they say that training a missionary prepares you to raise your children. I appreciate you more and more every day I'm out here. :)

It's been very humbling having to be the example and leader. Even though I had already taken over the area before, all my companions have been older than me, so taking someone fresh from the MTC and helping them know how to teach has been quite an experience. Luckily, there are SO many people to teach here, and we are staying very busy. She gets to put all that MTC practice to use! :)

Well I have been using the workouts that you have given me. I seemed destined to never have a companion who enjoys working out. So it's a lot of burpees and running up and down the hall. Unfortunately Sister Tingey likes sugar as much as I do! And we like the same things. Say goodbye to treatless transfer. Hopefully I can at least do a less treat transfer. But so far things aren't going well...

You did send me the track schedule. I need to look through my things to see if I still have it. I sometimes lose things. Like my mind. I've definitely turned into a scatter brain, and I now realize how valuable it is to have 2 people doing missionary work together! Then at least when you forget things, the other one remembers. Whew. Thank heavens.

Well, it has definitely been an exhausting week, but also a fantastic one filled with a ton of miracles and strength from God. Every time I think that He has blessed me so much, and there's no way I can receive even more blessings from him, I learn more about the gospel and the infinite power of the atonement and the other ways that it blesses us in all of our lives. Truly it is the good news that we get to share with everyone, and I love being able to share that every second of my life. God has given me so much power and authority to share His important message, and somehow it all works out.

Well, I hope you have a fantastic week!!! I LOVE YOU!

Love, Sister TERRY

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