Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 9, 2014

You got to see the new temple film?? (It was actually the second time for the newest movie) ME TOO!! We went to the temple for the first time since I've been here! Man! I needed it SO bad! I forgot how much I love going there. Before I left on my mission I tried to go at least twice a week. That's a HUGE difference from going every 6 months :( but the new film was AMAZING! I was praying for more spiritual understanding to know what on earth the importance of the movie was and what I was supposed to learn.

I thought it was so interesting all the different sides of Satan that they portray. In this one he is trying to act all big brother and friendly, where he is wiser than you and you don't want to disappoint him. But then God is all in there super cool and not intimidated at all. They did a much better job at showing the emotions behind things. Like when God casts Satan out he is willing to do it, and he's frustrated with Satan. But Satan is still his son, and it hurts him to have to do that.

I also loved how Christ's atonement was really the center of everything. God presented it even before Adam became Adam, and then again after they ate the fruit. It was never in question whether it would really happen or not. I was SO glad that I could go and remember those promises that I made when I went through for the first time. It was also fascinating because there was a deaf man there and I was able to read the words (which was super cool) but I also was interested to see what they would do for him at the end of the session. (I don’t know if I can share what she actually said; just know that it all worked out in the end). It reaffirms to me that this is God's work, and his truth. And all are accepted here. That it is a world-wide church because we are all God's children and not one of us are exempt.

This week we soaked up the FANTASTIC weather! I never thought that 27 degrees would feel so warm! It's so funny because there is SO much snow that as it melts there are puddles everywhere! I now understand how there could be so many lakes and streams. All that snow has to go somewhere!

Well, yet again we are going to have a baptism for another 9 year old on Saturday! Basically we teach a lot of little children! When I first got here it was a dang hard adjustment from how I taught before. But now I love it! We get to sing songs with them and play little games to help them understand. And they have such great faith! It's amazing, and I'm definitely looking forward to working more with these kids.

Things have been very interesting lately, as soon as I feel that I am adjusted to missionary life, everything falls through and we have to start over with the work in the area. What I have learned is that there is no such thing as a right way and wrong way to do missionary work. And when it's led by the spirit and our hearts are pure, it always works out. Somehow.

I really am so thankful for this opportunity to be out here on a mission. Everyday I'm reminded of a promise in my Patriarchal blessing saying that I will have a unique understanding of the atonement and I see it come true as I meet these West Africans who have lost everything and everyone but have healed. I see it as people take steps to follow the gospel of Jesus Christ and change for the better. And I see it more and more in my own life as I realize how much Christ must have loved us to do such a miraculous thing. Truly it was not an enviable task. But I'm thankful that he was willing to do it. And we too sometimes have to do things that we don't want to, make certain calls be patient and loving even when we are frustrated. But with the atonement of Christ all things are possible!

I appreciate your prayers and your example!

Do lots of fun things for your birthday and party like an animal! haha or just go to the track meet, that's fun too.

I LOVE YOU. Make good choices.

Love, Sister Terry

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