Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 2, 2014

Can I just tell you, this week was SO crazy! It started off with Tuesday night when we came home at 7:00 to grab Sister Ballard's stuff for exchanges and our entire kitchen was FLOODED with dirty Rice and Bean water. We don't even eat Rice and Beans!!! it was nuts. But we spent the rest of the night with our sister Training leaders filling up buckets of dirty water and throwing it out of the window where it would freeze before it even hit the ground! haha it was that cold! Quite the adventure!

Then a few weeks ago we were driving and slid into a snow bank, so we had to get our car repaired. So we were on bikes for most of the week! All of the sidewalks have a good foot of ice on them and the roads are so tiny because of all of the snow packed to the sides that it makes biking super treacherous! It was a blast and a half though! My little bike bertha rocked it like a champ! The entire time we were biking my back tire was flailing like a fish out of water and I was prepared at any time to biff it hard. But God's angels were among us and helped us stay safe! Except for one time when I got a little prideful and the saying "pride cometh before the fall" was especially true on this occasion. When I hit a patch of ice and couldn’t brake and so I fell... on my bum. Right in front of one of the Elders investigators. but luckily we wear so many layers that It didn't even hurt. haha bonus for the cold weather!

Basically it's been the best week ever! Due to all the hardships and craziness that we had we learned how to trust God even more, and have Faith that he would lead us! Which he did! And we were able to see the coolest miracles and have WAY awesome experiences! In case you were wondering, mission life is definitely the coolest thing ever. Except for being a parent. That's a pretty worthwhile calling as well. :)

During church this week we had 7 investigators show up! Which is a HUGE miracle since we usually only have 3. And since it was fast and testimony meeting, one of our investigators named Happy (she's 10) got up and bore her testimony about the things we were teaching her, and thanked us for teaching her as well. It was SO cute. So then I got up to bear my testimony as well. -but we have a new mission president named president Ehlert who has really been pushing the importance of exercising (I agree), he gave us all pedometers that give out a shrill beep if we haven't moved for a consecutive time of 5 minutes within the past hour. And since we were at sacrament meeting I hadn't moved at all.- So I'm bearing my testimony and all of the sudden my pedometer goes off. Super Awkward. haha basically everyone in my ward thinks that I'm a robot now and just needed a change of batteries. Excellent.

hmm. interesting stuff about the Old Testament. I will read it and research it further. But one of the families we have been working with asked me to read Songs of Solomon for them and tell them what it means. Highlights from my study:
Comfort me with apples: for I am sick of love.
probably the best verse I have ever read. And super relatable.

2 Thy teeth are like a flock of sheep that are even shorn, which came up from the washing; whereof every one bear twins, and none is barren among them.

Best compliment ever!! I will use it ALL. THE. TIME.

It's probably one of the most interesting books of the bible. But it's alright.

Anyways, I hope you have a fantastic week!!
I love you lots!
Sister Terry

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