Saturday, November 15, 2014

November 10, 2014

Well first off, the reason why I am writing so late.... IT IS SNOWING! So president grounded our cars. It's a lot like being actually grounded. aka NO FUN. But we did get some much needed cleaning in. Anyways, it's the first snowfall of the winter and it's about 4 inches in and weather reports say that we're supposed to get 12 to 15 inches!! WOOO WINTER!

It's been getting a lot colder lately, and made me realize that I might not ever see the sun again until I am home! :( Summer went by way too fast, but luckily with one winter under my belt I figure that another one won't break me down. We pulled out our winter coats, hats and gloves today. And I said GOODBYE to all my short sleeve shirts. But at least it makes no shave November the easiest thing ever. no one will ever know. :p

We went on quite a few exchanges this week with sisters! I can't believe this transfer is already half way over, it's so interesting to see how easy it is to get things done when both sister smith and I are here together, and then it seems that things get real crazy when one of us is gone. Lately I've been thinking that President is going to have me stay here for another transfer so I stay here during exchanges to (hopefully) teach the sisters how to teach better...? haha it's an adventure, that is for sure. but a fun one! I feel so lucky to work with these sisters, and it's such a blessing to get to know them all!

UMMMMM well, it's kinda just been the same ol same old. Preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. Lately, all the little children whose parents we are teaching are sick. SO that means that Sister Terry got sick. again. I'm pretty sure I have the worst immune system EVER.

I've been learning a lot about humility. Which is for the best since I've been avoiding working on that Christ-like attribute for... several years. It's been amazing to see how quickly contention seeps in when we are being prideful. And how the spirit literally can not be with us when that happens. It's been such a blessing to work alongside Sister Smith! she has taught me so much about being humble, and teachable. I am so lucky to work with her!

Have a fantastic day!

Love, Sister TERRY

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