Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014


hello! How are things going in UTAH? Well it ended up snowing..... and snowing.... and snowing some more. And it's dang cold. I don't know how many inches. But we are down to the single digits and I think that winter is here to stay! Yesterday we had stake conference and our inspired stake president said that the theme of this winter is: EMBRACE WINTER! so it's 11 degrees outside. I'm wearing 2 layers of tights, wool socks, and 3 shirts and I will embrace winter!!! woot woot!

I don't need any cold medicine. i just need to take my vitamin d and then life will be fine.

We are spending thanksgiving with the Jacksons. Well hopefully, as long as I don't get transferred. Transfers are the day before thanksgiving. so pray that I can stay longer! Also, we are running a 5k with some of the ladies in the ward! woot woot! I am so stoked! It's started to get a little too cold to go out running, but luckily the Jacksons have a treadmill that we can use. so I'm not getting too out of shape.

This week was really good. Well it's just been an interesting time all around actually. First of all Rose and her family have a relative straight from Africa living with them. So they are under quarantine because they might all have ebola. But they didn't tell us that until we were already in their home talking with them. So I might have ebola. hahahahah I'm not joking. But it probably won't happen. And I hand sanitized right after. so fingers crossed.

Also, things have been super crazy with our investigators! Last week everything was up in the air, but this week we got it straightened out! Shaharrah (13, African American) is getting baptized Dec 13th. Marcos was supposed to get baptized this week, but won't be able to cause his work has been increasing his hours and now he hasn't been able to come to church for the last few weeks. But he's reading from the book of mormon and will get there soon! And then we found a family, we are teaching the dad (musa) and his daughter (maria, 8) and then he has a little 1 year old son named eli who is completely crazy! but I love him. They are supposed to get baptized on Dec 20th. so hopefully that happens too!

Ahh I love medicine lake. Well, I just love being a missionary. It has been SO good! It seems that no matter how hard things get or how cold it is, there are always tender mercies from God. He is very involved in every detail of our lives. And I am so thankful for this restored Gospel that teaches us these truths and helps us to make changes in our life so we can return to him again.

Love, Sister TERRY

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