Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November 3, 2014

For Halloween. Well we taught people of course! We just set up appointments with people. And also, Africans don't celebrate Halloween. Basically they feel like you are worshiping Satan if you do. and even though a lot of them are Christian they are super superstitious and don't like to mess around with that kind of stuff.

This week was rad. Elder Carlson of the 70 came and talked to the entire mission. It was really awesome what he said. He talked about prayer, and how we need to focus more. Something he challenged us to do was to spend 10 minutes just thinking about either the savior or our mom. (I did the first one, sorry mom.) But it was WAY cool! He talked about how focus doesn't come naturally to us. But, as always I just like to prove people wrong. so I did it twice. But the important part was that I learned SO much during it. I realized how much knowledge I had been taking in but never really interpreting or applying to my life, so just by thinking of Christ and his life I came to understand him so much greater.

He also talked about how the commandment be ye therefore perfect is a step by step process. And in order to become more like the savior, we have to do things (ordinances) to become better. and how we can't be pushing people up the hill to the celestial kingdom, but we can help pull them along. That means that we have to be at a higher place then they are. Ahh it was so great. I learned so much. After that we had an MLC with him where he talked to us about leading the way Christ leads. And basically taught us about the come follow me program. which is uber cool.

This is one of my favorite things he said. Someone asked him, "How do you handle the tired, exhausting work?"

He said, "I don't get tired. I'll go for a bike ride. This stuff is better than flying a jet or driving a Porsche. And I've done both." Haha isn't that so great??

One of my favorite miracles this week happened on Monday. We were out knocking on doors, and as we were standing on a door step a lady approached. Awkward enough, it was her home that we were knocking on, she invited us in for a little bit and we got to know her. As we started talking about God, she mentioned her past experience with it. She shared how she used to believe in God, and when things got really bad the only thing that prevented her from committing suicide was that she didn't want to go to Hell. But as soon as she realized that God doesn't exist she tried to commit suicide but failed. She then shared her experiences in rejecting God and how it has affected her life. It was so cool to testify of God as our Heavenly Father, and we shared the video "Sitting on the Bench." Honestly, it was one greatest times in my mission and understanding that our responsibility isn't just to share the restoration to everyone. Instead, to bring people closer to the Savior.

THIS WEEK HAS BEEN THE BEST WEEK EVER!!! my goodness, I wish that I could just write everything that happened. Haha but that would take AGES!

But one of the coolest parts was on Sunday. On Saturday one of the African couples in the ward got sealed in the temple. Oh my goodness, we have been preparing them forever, and their home teachers, and visiting teachers and the bishop and everyone else. As well as the senior couple who used to work in the ward. They came back to visit them and the place was PACKED with Africans. Which made testimony meeting the best thing ever. First, the man who got sealed got up and bore his testimony about joining the church 15 years ago and thinking that baptism is the end. That he made it. and he said, "Those of you who are investigators, or recent converts. Baptism is not the end. The blessings of the temple can be yours. You are not done. Keep working to get to the temple." Okay, first off, when Africans talk it's the voice of Mufasa ringing in your ears. And instead of it being all tender where they bear their testimony and shed a few tears, they yell into the microphone and wave their arms around. It's the most beautiful thing ever. Kinda like Elder Holland in his prime. But with even more enthusiasm.

Another quote from brother Mentoe, another African, "The scientists may go, the doctors may go, but only God can save us from this deadly disease." -talking about ebola.

"Time is an Enemy. it waits for no man." Ahh I am so blessed to be here. I have no idea how I will survive being back in Utah with no Africans.

have a Blessed week! This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it.

Love, Sister TERRY

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