Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

Uh. surprise highlights of this week:
On Monday... we had zone p-day. played lots of volleyball (which my team won) and ultimate frisbee (which we won. haha I play to win) and what not. It's been really warm here lately. All the snow has melted and I don't even need 2 layers of tights!!

Tuesday. Got a call at 8:00 from mission president. Sister Jacklin got transferred to Anoka. I'm now training.
yeah. I'm totally not joking. It was a surprise. but things were going too well and mission life was just too easy so I knew something had to change soon. I'm now training again. her name is sister Neville. she is from California in a city that starts with a b and is 2 hours north of LA. (We are going to go with Bakersfield) I can't remember what it's called right now.
Wednesday: New mission meeting and Bloomington. Oh, and sister Jacklin's last gift to me was to get me sick. haha so I spent all last week on my death bed carrying around a box of tissues and what not because I am too prideful to stay at home.
and then some other days where we did boss missionary work and preached Christ crucified and where I tried to memorize the Living Christ but it has a lot of words so I'm only like 3 paragraphs in.
SATURDAY!! the Mkwapatira's got baptized!! HOLLA! it was so great! Antionette and Reo are a stellar couple! I love them so much and am extremely excited for them! It was a great baptism. Oh mom, you'll be pleased to know that I played the piano for it! I've actually been working on my piano skills and can play.... like 10 hymns. small small.

Decorating a fern for Christmas

Mkwapatiras Baptisms

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