Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 8, 2014

This week was FANTASTIC!! Ahh God is too good. It's amazing.

We had a slew of miracles this week, but my favorite happened on Monday: We had been trying to get in contact with a recent convert named Yer Xong who had gotten baptized about a year ago and gone less active. No one had been able to get in contact with her for the past 6 months or so. We went by and talked to her non-member husband who told us Monday would be a good time to visit. So we contacted her fellowshipper, Sister Miller, as she was investigating and she agreed she would come. We got to the apartment building, (and I have worked in areas with lots of apartment buildings. They are wonderful, but a huge hindrance as it is sometimes difficult to get in. And it was definitely the case with this one since their telephone box was broken and sometimes you just have to wait till someone walks out and opens the door for you.) So we prayed that we would find a way to get into the apartment building, and we even got there about 15 minutes just so we would for sure be in there before Sister Wallace came. But it was to no avail. The door was locked and there was no sign of anyone coming. So then we sat and thought. And decided to go around to the back door. Which was still locked..... but, a little broken. So we whip out a credit card and I remember my hoodlum days in Brooklyn Park... And we broke in. haha #livinthethuglife. We'll say the spirit prompted us to do that.

Since we were there a little early we decided to stop by Sister Rojo, a less active who lives across the hall from Yer. We sat down with them to do a quick fhe and our joint teacher texted that she was here. We told that to the family and they were SO excited to see her, so the kids ran down the stairs to go get her. Of course, being kids they made a lot of noise and commotion which brought Yer and her adorable kids out the door. They were so excited to see Sister Wallace and everyone said a lot of hellos and introducing and finally we got them all to come in to sister Rojo's place. We shared a fhe with both families where we made them title of liberties for each family, they had to gather together and write down things that are important to them. The kids got So into it and would tie their title of liberties (tank tops) around their necks and pretend it was a cape. It was amazing to see how well it had come together. We got to know both of them a little better, and it invited the spirit into their lives and their family as well. It was AMAZING! and so fun. I'll have to send you a picture of it a little later.

Then, later on this week we were out finding and we felt prompted to go stop by this potential investigator. We knocked on her door, she was uber busy but we got her phone number and agreed to set up a time with her. As we were leaving we saw this lady out in the hall and I was like, "I got to talk to her." So as we walked past I tried to strike up a conversation (and you would think after 1 year of doing this I would be a pro) and all I could think of saying was... "I like your.....pants" (she was wearing basketball shorts.) But the cool part was she is from Liberia, and nearly cried when she said that. I miss my Liberian friends! She has been asking God to help her find a church, she wants to get baptized, and when we went back to share the restoration with her She started breaking down and crying during the first vision. The spirit was so powerful! It was awesome, she definitely is a prepared soul! So sister Terry's conversation skills:0 The spirit:654682 Pretty cool.

Then a funny story: We were, once again, trying to find a less active (this ward has like 20% activity rate. It's outrageous.) and as we stopped by her nephew answered the door. Oh my goodness the smell of marijuana in the room was crazy ridiculous. but he wanted to talk about the gospel so we talked to him for a little bit. He started talking about how demons are following him around and all this crazy satanic stuff, and then said that when he talked with his pastor about it his pastor said that they are following him because he can do great things but he needs to give his life over to God. And then he turned to us and said, "what does that even mean?" Without missing a beat I just go, "Well there are certain things that keep us from living the life that God wants for us and obtaining his blessings and protections. For example, when people smoke pot it prevents them from feeling the spirit in their life and feeling the love of God." He was a little caught off guard by my brashness but did invite us back because, "he would love to hear more about the Norman's, and what Norman's believe." haha I am never going to get sick of hearing that. Hilarious!

Ahh I just love being a missionary. It is too good. It's such a joy to spend time laboring on God's behalf for the salvation of his children! And oh how he loves his children! We got to watch the 1st presidency devotional last night (we have a couple, Antionette and Reo that watched it with us. They are getting baptized Dec 20th!!) And I was particularly touched as they repeatedly emphasized how humble Christ's birth was. He really was not looking for recognition, worship, praise or anything else. He came simply to be obedient to God's will, and I am ASTOUNDED at how selfless he was. He never cared how he looked to other people, or anything. Ahh one day I hope to be more like him.

My name is Sister Terry,

I break into locked apartment buildings,

I testify of the evils of smoking pot,

And I'm a Norman.

happy Holidays!

Love, Sister TERRY

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