Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

Hello mom! This email will be super short. Sorry.

But the gps did come, ask me if I figured out how to work it...... No. #technologyisnotmyfriend but I might just pray really hard for the Holy Ghost to enlighten my understanding of it.

I can't believe Brianne already came home, and gave her homecoming talk. Ahh time is my enemy. It's going by so quickly. Hmm as far as sending me stuff. NO! I already have tons of stuff. It's ridiculous. I think I'm good most likely. Just start saving your money so we can go shopping when I am home. Have you started job hunting for me yet? And when are Camie and Jeff moving back down to Utah county? Before I come home?

Sister Neville does not like to run, nor does she run. She's just a trooper and puts up with my crazy obsession and is willing to walk outside while I run back and forth across the street. Which is good because I challenged Elder Caskey to a race when we get home, and word on the street is that he's been training hard. Luckily it's been pretty warm lately, so we get to go out a few times a week. 

So we were teaching this lady the other day and in the background her grandchildren were watching Frozen, from the little bit that I saw it seems like a pretty good movie. However Demi Lovato's song at the end ruined the spiritual powerhouse we had going on. Well I guess I'll just have to "let it go" hahahaha I'm hilarious. 

Things are going really well, our teaching pool is expanding. We brought a mother and daughter to church this Sunday. The mom is from Mexico and she is deaf. But she can speak english and read lips. It's pretty incredible. I love meeting these people who have overcome such crazy adversity in their lives. So cool!
I love you a lot, and hope that you have a great week! See ya in 9 weeks!

Love, sister terry

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