Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015

Hello MOM!

Um, did you mean where do I go to email? since I don't think I have written you a letter for like, 5 months. I assume that is your question. Well for the most part we go to the library in Savage. it's off of McColl Dr and County Road 27 if you want to google map it. But last week we emailed in a member's home and I used an ipad. Which was the most miserable experience ever, and as Riker can attest the writing was not well done.

hmm well my deaf hispanic investigator did not last very long. she loved what she was learning, and loved our focus on the youth. But she's part of a huge deaf church that's catholic. The combination was just too appealing for her to try and investigate the church. But we did have a miraculous Sunday where 3 of the less active families that we have been working with came to church! It was so wonderful for them to be there. Then later on that night we got a call from one of the moms and she thanked us for helping her and her family come. She had missed taking the sacrament so much and was so glad that she could be there once again. I feel like lately I have been focusing so much on the social conversion and trying to help the people that we are working with feel comfortable around us and feel like they have friends but that phone call was a wonderful reminder of the thing that is most important. The Sacrament, and the doctrine of the church. I absolutely love all the ward members and people that I have met that are part of the church, but even more than that I know that this is Jesus Christ’s church and where I need to be.

Today's p-day involves hanging out with the zone, playing minute to win it games and some volleyball!! woot woot! I have been talking trash to the zone leaders all week long about how I'm going to win, so the competition is on! I'm pretty stoked to defeat everyone. hahaha

yes I got your package, thanks for the yarn! I made a bag for my companion out of the muliticolored one. I'll have to send you a picture. I think it looks just horrid. But she got a lot of compliments on it when she used it at church (to be realistic the compliments were made by really old ladies and you can't really trust their taste in style, nor their eye sight.) but then I'm making a scarf with the other one. I'll probably send it home for you. :)

Well, speaking of a Church tour, we actually took an investigator on my very first Church tour! It's just so weird cause in this area people are so hesitant about coming to church. Like it's going to be incredibly painful or something. So now we do bible studies at the church on Thursday evenings, and then on Saturday we did a church tour with our investigator Paulina. She LOVED it. it was so cool. she just kept talking about how she feels the spirit. And at the end as she was walking out she said, "I love this church, it is so beautiful" ahh and it's the true church too. so bonus.

Things have been going so great, and God is helping us so much with his work. I wish I had time to write about all the miracles that we have seen. it's just too great to even mention all of them! We got to go biking this week, which was wonderful! we helped a family move, and shared the restoration with TONS of people! yay!

Love you. see you soon. keep being awesome!

Love, Sister Terry

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