Sunday, February 22, 2015

February 16, 2015

Things have been going really well! I hope you are having a great president's day! I have to go soon, so this is a poopy letter. sorry.
Today is transfers. I'm staying in Burnsville and training again so I'll get a new companion on Wednesday.
Sorry I have to go! things are great, I love being a missionary, work on finding a black baby for me, k?! thanks!
This is a pic of the bag I crocheted for sister Neville. 

have a great week! 

love, sister terry

Actually, funny story really quick.
We are working with this Sudanese family that is less active. and we were talking with the kids. They have a daughter who is 12 and a son who is 7 and then a 3 year old. So we ask the girl where her Book of Mormon Stories book is. and her 7 year old brother says that it's in her closet and I ask him how he knows that and he was like, "oh I was sitting in her closet earlier today. and I was like, "why" and he just goes, "well, I was bored!" It was hilarious. but now I'm 99% certain that will be me. I'm not going to have any social after the mish but I'll just sit in your closet and read until you come home :)
I love you!  (Funny thing is that she doesn't know she will be working at a track meet the first two days she is home!  hee hee)

Sisters Terry and Neville

the Mkwaptira's baby boy

Yep, she knitted a tie!

At first I thought the Elder was proposing.  Now I see that it's all Sidney's fault.

Burnsville District

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