Friday, February 13, 2015

February 9, 2015


I am so jealous of your 60 degree days! ahh life is so cold in Minnesota! But on the bright side I shaved my legs the other.... month. So they aren't so hairy anymore.

hmm the food I eat. Well actually there was a guy we talked to the other day. and he was a nutrition major. he told us that the healthiest way to eat is to fast in the morning and eat a big meal at about 3:00. no joke. it's called interminute fasting or something (she means intermittent). Look it up. But I don't do that. I just eat a banana in the morning. or cheerios. and then I eat pb&honey for lunch. or a quesadilla. or potatoes. I eat a lot of potatoes and rice. mostly a lot of rice. it's a staple for Minnesotans and Africans. and sister Neville likes eggs so we eat some of that. and some wraps. or yogurt with granola. I dunno. I just eat food.

Sounds like you've had a good week! I totally know what you mean about agency though. Sometimes I just want to shake these less active people. There are so many people who stopped coming to church just because someone said something mean and they got offended. Sorry, I didn't realize that you joined this church because it was fun. haha these crazy goons. Sometimes we forget the real purpose of things .that we are trying to come closer to our savior and receive his grace. I feel like that's one of the things I focus on a lot when we teach the plan of salvation. God gave us this great gift of being able to choose. And he expects us to. He doesn't want us to be slothful, or be compelled to do everything. We have to make that choice ourselves. And we show our love to God by the choices that we make. Ahh clearly that's a passionate subject for me.

But sites in b-ville! uh... apartments? haha there isn't many sites. in general Minnesota is SO pretty. just so many trees and it's so green! there's a sledding hill somewhere in Burnsville but since we aren't allowed to sled I don't even know where it is. most of the pretty sites and fun adventures are "up north" no joke. Everyone travels up north to do anything. Except maybe ice fish. you can do that anywhere. they aren't joking about the 10000 lakes.

p-day. I like to nap. no. I don't ever do that. right now I'm doing a lot of crocheting or knitting on p-days. or we spend time with the zone. we hang out as a zone a lot. like pretty frequently. So we usually play volleyball. or whatever I tell the zone leaders that I want to do.

um, so I want a baby to be at the airport when I get home. so I can hold him/her.
the Mkwapatira's had their baby on Sunday. we got to go and visit them. AHH too cute. a black baby. my favorite. can you make that happen for me? and I want everyone to wear a doo-rag

I love YOU!

sorry my letters have been lame. I'll talk to you in... a few months (I'm extending my mission for 6 months:) )

love, Sister TERRY

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