Thursday, March 12, 2015

March 8, 2015

Hello MOMMY!
Things are going well. Daylight saving nearly killed me. haha meetings SO early. yikes! But things are great. The weather is warming up and the work is taking off. Ahh I love being a missionary. it's so good.
Sounds like you are keeping busy, better do it all now because in April we will play :) yay! haha and go shopping. and craft. it'll be some good stuff.
Good job on having the missionaries over for dinner. I'm excited to go out teaching with them. It'll be weird to just be a joint teacher, but how exciting that we can continue to share the gospel even when we don't have a badge. :)
sorry this letter is so short. I'm so lame. haha but one day I'll share all my exciting adventures with you!
That's weird that President Forbes wrote you....ahh I can't imagine what he said, but I'm glad that it was good stuff.
I got my "death papers" this week. and I know they emailed you. so now you know that I have a plane ticket and what not. I'll probably send some stuff home soon so I don't have to bring it with me on the plane :) and I'm selling my bike for $50 to one of the sisters in my district who needs one.

love, sister terry

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