Monday, February 24, 2014

February 23, 2014

This week it snowed a lot!! And we weren't allowed to drive. SO my trusty bike Bertha got a little used. I'm sending you probably the greatest picture EVER. We were outside all day long trying to tract and bike in the weather. Then at night we had to walk a mile to an appointment, stay for 15 minutes to teach them and walk a mile back in a blizzard. I felt like an old time missionary! But also I felt really cold and tired. Literally from our walk to the appointment and starting to walk back we couldn't see the foot prints that we made. It was that snowy!

And also we won't have a car at the end of this week because it'll be under repairs. SO we get to BIKE! WOO! haha I'm so stoked. I definitely know that when we sacrifice for the gospel God blesses us SO much. SO I'm excited to sacrifice my warmth, safety, and energy to share the gospel of Jesus Christ! It'll be pretty exciting!

Oh this is what I was going to say about it. The morning of the day of the storm we get a text from president Ehlert (our substitute president) that we can't drive. I looked outside and it was a clear sunshiny day. And I was more than a little upset that we would have to cancel our appointments because they were too far away for us to get there without a car, so as we are walking to and fro knocking on doors I was tempted to say, "let's just go and get our car. it's not even going to snow in this area today" but then I thought about how you have been writing a lot about Noah and how people thought he was crazy for building a boat for over 100 years when it's blue skies and sunshiny. But in the end he was victorious. And it's definitely true. It started ice raining and right after that it started snowing. So the roads were SUPER treacherous, covered in snow and below that in ice. EVERYONE got stuck. We had to help push so many people and I'm extremely glad that we decided to be obedient and not drive.



Sisters Terry and Ballard

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