Monday, February 24, 2014

February 23 part two

We taught a primary class yesterday (there was another lady in the room. so we weren't breaking the rules in case Andrew was wondering) and this poor little girl started telling us about how she made valentines for her friends and they all broke the valentines and threw them in her face. It was SO sad to hear. All I could say was that I knew God loves her no matter what. But sometimes it breaks my heart that even though there are people who confess to know Christ their "fruits" would say otherwise. And it is in times like that when we have to realize that all of us fall short of God's glory and all we can do is forgive and move on with our life. And hopefully one day they will realize the mistakes they have made and take the actions necessary to rectify them.

We have actually been learning a lot about faith unto repentance. And how repentance isn't just an Abinidi action where we point out that everyone is going to hell. But more like Nephi asking Lehi where he can go to find food, and Lehi realizing he needs the spirit and direction and he repents. But really all we can do is cry repentance with a heart full of love for people. and even though they make dumb decisions we can hope for the best for them.

And the stuff about Noah is crazy. I wish all my converts could just go up to heaven. Man, the old Testament is something else. I'm excited when we die and I realize the answer to all my questions.

With you talking about church and doing the things everyday to build your testimony it reminds me of something that happened last week. Right after emailing I got a call from a convert who was baptized right before I got to this area. Basically she told me that she doesn't believe Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the Pearl of Great Price is scripture. She said that going to church makes her feel drained instead of spiritually uplifted so she is going to have her records removed. It broke my heart that she was saying all these terrible things about a church that she just joined, even the church of God. As I have been able to look back on the time I have spent with her I realized things that were missing. Namely, she was reading the bible instead of the Book of Mormon. She spent most of her time in church on her phone. And she hated when people quoted modern day prophets. So even though at the time of her baptism she knew those things were true, she stopped doing them and quickly lost her testimony. I know that it's the little things that are SO important to do that way our testimony stays strong!

I love you SO much! Have a great week!

Love, Sister T!

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