Friday, February 14, 2014

February 9

Hello my mother! And others. :)

Well I am here at Elm Creek for yet another Transfer and I am SUPER stoked! I love this area and this ward SO much! They are fantastic. Things are going well here with my new compadre Sister Ballard (no relation to Elder Ballard) She has been here 7 months and spent most of her time in tiny branches so this is something definitely new to her! And it's super crazy to take over the area! I realized how much I am NOT good a navigating at ALL. But I'm learning. And how hard can it be to know where everything is in just two towns? Well super hard, but that's alright. God is on my side.

This week was super difficult with A LOT of appointments falling through or not being set up due to the fact our PHONE got STOLEN. yup. How does that even happen, I have no clue. But it did. And it was only a lot inconvenient. So we did lots of tracting this week. Which despite doing it all the time in Eden Prairie, I'm still not a huge fan of it. But one night as I was SUPER frustrated because of the lack of hitting our goals and having success I was pretty much complaining to Heavenly Father as we drove to a gas station to fill up. I was so frustrated because we worked SO hard and nothing was happening. But as soon as i got out of the car this fantastic song was playing by FUN. Saying, "If you’re lost and alone, yeah you're sinking like a stone, carry on."
It was such a tender mercy from God to be able to hear words that do inspire and uplift (even if they aren't a hymn.) I knew in that second that God was aware of our desires and our efforts and it was okay that things weren't working out. It's such a blessing to know that although Good times don't happen all the time and not nearly as much as we would wish God has not abandoned us. It's been a remarkable blessing as I've been on my mission to learn just how much God is in control and aware of everything that goes on in our life. Not one thing that happens is not for our benefit or to help God's work progress. And I am so thankful for that knowledge.

I also want to shout out my love to all those who have been such great examples in my life! I love you all and I'm so thankful for all the hard work, and effort given by my family and friends that led me to where I'm at today. I know that I definitely would not be the same without any of you and I think everyone who reads this is super fantastic! :) and I know God loves you all!
Love, Sister Terry

Sisters Hudson and Terry

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