Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16, 2014


Well I got transferred to a new area! Honestly it was SO hard to leave Elm Creek, I love it SO much. But it was my time to go, and I'm so excited for the awesome work that is going on in that area for Sister Tingey! I didn't move far either, just one area over into Medicine Lake ward. It covers Plymouth and Crystal. So maybe you can just look that up on google maps. It's basically the same area. haha I love it. #moreafricanstoteach I am so obsessed with them. It's so great. It's so cool to see their culture and understand better about where they are coming from. AHH I want to go to Africa so bad. And Mexico. And Chicago. haha Minnesota is basically a melting pot of everything. I love it. I get to learn about all these cultures and places all at once. It's fantastic! (we saw a turtle today while we were out running #classic haha I don't know why I thought of that but I did! It was SO cool. But also scary cause it had a sharp...beak? mouth? I dunno. but anyways...)

Really the ward is basically the same dynamics as Elm Creek. But now I just get to meet new people! And we are living in a member’s home. There are elders in the area as well. They are the Zone Leaders, which makes it nice because we have to coordinate EVERYTHING. haha it's SO crazy. I never realized how much time and attention goes into helping out the missionaries! ahh but it's cool to realize how much of an impact we can have on them. I'm super STOKED for exchanges and all the fun stuff! It's been crazy to figure out how to be motivating and nice and humble and call people to REPENT. I LOVE missionary work! ahh I wish I wrote more to you every week before. Basically I'm just bad at writing. But it's SO fun. and you meet the coolest people whose lives will be forever changed as they hear the hope and healing that comes through the atonement.

My companion is Sister Macall Smith. There are like 3 Sister Smith's in our zone which is ridiculous. Oh, we are over 5 sister groups, which too is ridiculous. It's A LOT of work and their areas are so diverse because the areas stretch from Minneapolis clear to Maple Grove so we have people in the slums, the Africans, and the classic white people who are born and raised Minnesotans. Which is like saying born and raised Lutheran or Catholic. But back to Sister Smith.

She's super stellar! She was actually my stl for the past 3 transfers. So I already knew her pretty well. She's from St. George, loves running marathons and has been out for over a year. She's short and blonde. haha I don't know what else to say about her.. she went to byu.... and went to byu in Jerusalem. SO COOL

Things have been going well, we are teaching really awesome people who I love dearly already and I'm so excited to help them prepare for baptism! I'll tell you more about it later.

The gospel is true, I love it SO much and I love being able to preach it to everyone that I come in contact with! This state is SO beautiful and I feel so lucky to be here and be anxiously engaged in this righteous cause! Have a fantastic week!

Love, Sister Terry

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