Wednesday, June 11, 2014

June 9, 2014

Dear Mom,

Welllllll this week has been super awesome! woo! But I can't remember much of it. haha #missionarylife I'm sending ya'll a package since I have to de-clutter my life. You can ask me if you aren't sure what some of the stuff is.

On Monday some guy thought that we were drug dealers. But we're not. We just come and share eternal salvation.

REGINNAH IS GETTING BAPTIZED ON THE 21ST!! ahh I'm so stoked for her. We've been waiting for her brother to buy a plane ticket and come out so he can baptize her. No joke, I called him myself, like a dozen times to get in contact with him. (with approval from pres. Clements of course) AND FINALLY we got in contact, and he bought his plane ticket! Bitter sweet though, cause I'm leaving. But more on that later.

We met the coolest lady the other day. Her name is Miss Williams. Like her first name is Miss. I joke you not. It was so great! And she started talking about how all these hardships have happened like a family member has cancer and is dying, and she got in a life-threatening car crash. And I was just like, "me too." And the spirit was so strong and she had multiple spirit tears but she committed to baptism, Chastity, Word of Wisdom all in one lesson without us teaching the last two. I LOVE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS.

Then we met the other Lady named Martou, she's so cool, and she had the lessons like ages ago with a senior couple, but she really wanted to meet with us and we set up this awesome joint teacher who lives really close to her, but the problem is that he doesn't have a car. And then she called us saying she's at her sister's house but still wants to meet. So then we call our JT (named Lincoln) and just tell him the situation, we can't give him a ride cause rule of 3, and we drive over to the address and it's an apartment complex and we don't have an apartment number, Martou isn't answering her phone and all is lost. BUT then I say a prayer, Martou calls lets us know the apartment number, we go inside and we get a call from Lincoln and he's THERE. What?? It was the coolest thing ever. And then we had a super stellar lesson and she came to church the next day, wants us to teach her boyfriend and be baptized. YAY!

Then on Sunday we went to teach Miss. But she had something come up unexpectedly and had to reschedule. So we decided to stop by this less active that the elders haven't been able to get in contact. His name is brother Sua'pa'ia. No joke, he's related to Big Buddah on Forever Strong. And HE WAS HOME! We had an awesome lesson where I gave him a For Strength of Youth pamphlet and he committed to read it. And then he said the prayer at the end and started crying. the Spirit was SO STRONG!

It seriously has been the coolest week ever, full of so many miracles and so many fun times. And then president called today. I'm being transferred to Medicine Lake ward and I'm a sister Training leader. Man. It's so overwhelming to think that I could ever leave this area. I'm heartbroken but excited as well. I thought it would be hard to leave my family at home, but honestly it's 100% harder to leave these people that I have come to love so much. They have grown, and experienced the fruits of the Atonement and along their path I have grown with them. I will miss them SO much. But I also know that Sister Tingey will do a super stellar job taking over the Area!!

Well, I have to go pack up all my life from the past 6 months! Have a super awesome week and Go read PREACH MY GOSPEL!

Love, Sister Terry

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