Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 23, 2014

I can't believe Bobby Dayley is leaving! Where is he going on his mission! Tell him farewell and thanks for being such a great example to me!

I got your package! Thank you for the new garments. Mine are gross.... yuck. But also the candies. haha super stellar. and POPTARTS! woo! I've been trying to get back in shape and start eating healthy. It hasn't really been happening but I'll keep trying. But I loved the hump day stuff. Kinda. haha still a weird phrase but a cute idea. Everyone has grown so much! I swear Riker must be like 6 feet by now! It came while I was gone on exchanges but it was fun to be able to come back and see it, and I was on another exchange. So I was able to show it to Sister Tiato! haha it's been a CRAZY week! We did 2 exchanges, and then helped some sisters with their weekly planning/ Comp inventory as well as did a blitz in their area. But we still managed to accomplish a lot of our goals and get 5 people to church!! hahah not quite the 17 that had been happening before in my last area, but we'll get there soon! :) It's so crazy to be able to plan for and help the sisters! And for one of the exchanges I got to stay here and take over the area. haha super stressful, but the Lord is great and very merciful and able to help me out a TON with everything.

Mostly what I have been able to learn this week is that I need to be MORE GRATEFUL! Our inspired President Clements is leaving this week :( and last week he had us fast for gratitude for the amazing things that we were able to do! Did I tell you this last week? I dunno. But it was AWESOME! I loved it so much! And we have been incorporating gratitude into all that we do and it is SO amazing to see the change as we thank God for all the miracles that we see. As well as thank our investigators, rcla (someone tell me what this means because I don’t know), members. EVERYONE! It's so cool. I love this. And in case I don't say it enough: I love being a missionary. It's the best things ever.
oh, also! Reginnah got baptized! WOO! haha from my last area. I had to call her brother living in Utah, commit him to get a plane ticket and fly out here to baptize her but it finally happened! And we were able to go to it and bring an investigator too!

So cool. I'm so happy for her.

Love, Sister Terry

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