Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 21, 2014


Rose's baptism is this week.

Today for p-day:  Updating the area book. hahah I'M SO LAME. but really. It's been a crazy sort of transfer and the area book has been in a terrible condition before I even arrived, so we are slowly trying to salvage it together.

One day though, I will do something fun

Hmm, currently teaching. Well.... it depends on the day. We have a lot of people who are on the fence of really deciding if they want to be taught. haha They are ALL so wonderful, and in dire need of the gospel. But some are lazy, some are super busy, and some are not willing to put forth the time to find out if this is actually true. So we are teaching a lot, but as for progressing it leaves some to be desired. But Cest la vie, it will all be okay, and God will give them the opportunity to progress towards baptism.

But ALSO, we had a Phenomenal miracle the other day!! There is a part member family, where everyone is a member besides the mom. She works 90 hours a week and takes care of her children because her husband has liver failure. She is Catholic and has had the missionary lessons Tons of times. Before I even came to the area the sisters had met with her and had an extremely bold lesson where they basically said that her family will be together in heaven but she will not be there. BOOM, she finally understood. And she has been out of town so we couldn't meet with her. But we finally did this week and as we met we just focused on listening to what her concerns were. We addressed them, and helped her know that we are here for her. But basically she said she wants to be baptized but doesn't have the time to meet with us. Then our member (A counselor in the stake presidency) Said, "Sister Cooper, I have prayed about it and God has told me that you can be prepared to be baptized on August 9th. Will you be baptized on that date?" And she said yes! So we made a baptismal calendar and are working on her baptism now!

IT WAS SO COOL. Literally if that invite had been from us she would have flat out refused. But she respected and honored president Wilson SO much, and it made all the difference in the world! It's so cool to see how these wonderful members have made such an impact on people, that as we come to share the gospel they are ready to progress because they have been prepared by their friends and loved ones.

STL: We are here to encourage, love, and support the sisters. Give feedback to their district leaders about what is going on emotionally, and to do all we can to encourage them to be converted to Christ. So this week we went on a blitz/sleepover with a set of sisters who have been struggling to find people to teach. We had some stellar lessons and helped exemplify love, and spirit, and fun. Oh funny story. I was on the exchange/blitz and I was with sister Shumway (I was in the mtc with her) we were about to stop by a potential, when she goes, "oh wait, the spirit just told me that she is in California for the weekend" and turned and walked the other way. I was completely flabbergasted and for a solid 10 seconds truly jealous that the spirit doesn't speak to me that blatantly. hahaha so great!

But it's actually fun too. We have 6 sister companionships that we are over (which is a TON) and we go on exchanges with them at least once a transfer, and do group interviews, and help them set goals on how to have success as a missionary! WOOT WOOT.

I hope you have a fantastic week! Eat some FOO FOO for Liberian Independence Day on the 26th!!! WOO!

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