Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June 30, 2014

Okay, I really don't have time to email, we spent all morning dyeing sister smith's hair. hahaha #youronlyamissionaryonce
I didn't tell anyone that it was my birthday! I don't want to turn 20!! ahhh teenage life is over as I know it.
Also, our mission president left this week :( but I am so excited for President Forbes! It's going to be AWESOME!!
I love you lots and I LOVE being a missionary! tell everyone hello!
The flooding doesn't really effect us. Except the ground is wet about 95% of the day. But we are still alive! And it's cool cause all the lakes are overflooding (cute word) but it makes it easier to contact the fishermen since they are closer to the sidewalk!
AHH I love being in Minnesota so much! This is the greatest place ever, and I get to do the greatest thing ever. So blessed!
Hope you all have a spectacular 4th of july!!
Love, Sister Terry

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