Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11, 2014


WOW! I can't believe that Ian is already leaving on his mission! time goes by so fast!

Thanks for the package... I already ate everything. #thespiritiswillingbutthefleshisweak I'm working on my self control. Hahah so sad.

(I got to go to Cross Country Camp this year and while I was there I was told that one of the faster girls was not talking nice about a slower girl so I asked Sidney about her experiences and this is her response. I have deleted the names to protect the innocent) OH my goodness. That story makes me so sad! That poor girl, what a trooper for trying to run though. I don't really know. I feel like I LOVED all the girls on the team. Even like H. E. when she was super slow. Or K. who was in M.’s ward and I don't remember her name. But honestly the thing that was most impressive was seeing people like Jake Berlin when they had the partner run and he was with H., he just stuck with her the entire way and never complained or groaned about being paired with her. I guess it's really just priorities. Is it important for your team to win? Or for everyone to have a good time? And of course, I'm SUPER competitive and when I was like a sophomore or junior I just wanted to win. But I remember that HUGE change that happened senior year. All of the sudden I just really loved these girls. Whether it was Ashley or Hannah(girls on her team), or even Summer or Ashleigh or Ellie(girls on another school team). It didn't do me any good to belittle them, or hope that they fail. I don't know if I ever shared the story with you about running in state. Where Ashleigh had just ran the 800, and won. But she was EXHAUSTED, and couldn't breathe at all. She just seemed so miserable as we were preparing to run the medley, and as I talked with her she was saying that she was going to the doctor next week to see if she could get an inhaler since she hadn't been able to breathe lately. My heart just broke seeing her like this, and I got my powerade and gave it to her, and showed her how to use my inhaler. (which is totally illegal but yolo.) Even though it meant that she would run fast. And beat me. It was okay. In the grand scheme of things, I had made a friend that would last for a long time, and the race would be over soon and I would forget. SO it's not really that important.

But mostly when it comes to helping other sisters with their individual worth I focus on the ways we express love, Either by Words of affirmation, Touch, gifts, quality time, and service. As we go on exchanges I see what they respond best to and then for the rest of the transfer that is how I focus on showing them my love. If there is something that needs to be corrected, I first acknowledge that I am definitely not perfect but that things would be much easier if.... and then I connect it to her desires. Most people desire happiness. Or desire a change on their mission. SO it's easy to relate it to them that way.

And of course, I am a HUGE fan of quotes, so I send them really cool quotes throughout the week. The thing that I realized the most, is that you cannot force anyone to change. Instead you can help them to grow that desire to change and point them in the direction to grow. Mostly it's a lot of love, and encouragement, and helping them feel like someone cares.

Like with ragnar when we ran it. That poor little girl was being railed on by her brother for being slow. What a bum, but I'm totally guilty of it as well. So it happens. I would suggest reading charity in preach my gospel. As well as the conference talk by Pres. Monson, Love the essence of the gospel. And always remember, "never let a problem to be solved be more important than a person to be loved." I have been so blessed to be in this area. Especially as we work with the African people. They have no idea how to raise a child, and more often than not they beat the child into submissiveness. Then when we come bearing the news of Jesus Christ I try to show my love not only to the parents but also spending time focusing on each child. The relief on their face as they feel God's love is so apparent, and I hope that even if their parents don't accept it that they will remember how they feel and will find the joy that the gospel can provide.

This week was quite wonderful, and very busy! We went on 2 exchanges with the sisters. I stayed in the area for both times! It's weird how quick you adjust to the new areas, and I love Medicine lake SO much! Sister Parke and Sister England were equally wonderful and it is so refreshing to spend a day with new missionaries who are so eager to share the gospel and love Minnesota!

Sister Cooper is getting baptized this upcoming Saturday and we are SO stoked for her. She is an incredible lady, and is excited to finally join her family in this gospel so that they can start the preparation to the temple!

We also found a family who came to church this Sunday. I wish that I could just have you all come and visit here for the day. You would be awestruck by the faith that these people exhibit, as well as their desires to serve God. I feel like the luckiest missionary to serve among such capable members and missionaries (including my spectacular companion, Sister Smith). God has blessed me in making this my holy ground.

Love, Sister Terry

Pictures from Medicine Lake---
Sisters Smith and Shumway

Sisters Smith, Terry, Rebber, Parke

Sisters Richardson, England, Terry, Smith


Marshmallow Mateys!!


Rose's Baptism with Sister Smith

Stone Arch Bridge with Sister Smith

Old District

Zone Service

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