Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014


We were doing things with our sisters missionaries. haha not sisters in the ward. Good question though. I can see how you can get confused. But we like to spend time with the sisters on p-day so we can get to know them some more and participate in fun activities with them. Mostly, it's just really cool cause you help them to have fun.

I feel like nothing tooo crazy happened this week. Well actually funny story. We were teaching this man named Alex, and his girlfriend and a few of her friends were eating food in the kitchen. So we start teaching Alex about the restoration, say a prayer and start to testify about how awesome this gospel is, and one of the girls comes over and says, "excuse me, but I have a question. Are ya'll norman?" and I was like, "We are Mormon." and she goes, "yeah. I have some friends who are Norman." And Sister Smith says. "oh, that's cool that they are Mormon." She never caught on..... so all week long we have been making I'm a Norman commercials with each other. #missionhumor

Actually, a really cool experience happened when I was on exchanges with Sister Trickler up in Andover. I went up to her area, and we were trying to stop by one of their investigators that they haven't had contact with for the past little while. 1st of all, she was home. 2nd, She proceeded to tell us all about her experience at the 1 direction concert last week and 3rd, we went to teach her about Sabbath Day, and the importance of following God so that he can bless us. And near the end I asked her, "What do you want Christ to help you with?" and she just starts crying, and talked about how she wants to be happy, but feels like she can't because of everything that is going on. But that she knows she's supposed to be so she pretends like she's happy all the time. The spirit was so powerful! And she gained so much hope that she can actually be happy. I love this gospel so much. It's really the only way that people can find the peace and joy that they are looking for.

Also, we played Quidditch for zone p-day. It was so sweet. #masterseeker except it's totally a Utah thing cause tons of people came over and started taking pictures of them. We were tempted to tell them that they could join if they would become members of our church. #mission fail.

I know that this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. That we have the potential to change and become more like Him everyday. And one day we will all return to live with Him.

My name is Sister Terry, I'm a rad seeker. I preach the gospel. And I'm a Norman.

Love, Sister TERRY

Quidditch Practice with Sis. Smith

The  Zone

Minneapolis with Sis. Smith

The District

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