Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

Dear Mom,

I can't believe that school is starting soon! I can't believe that it's been almost a year since I left! It seems like just yesterday.... :( Sorry I don't write much to you. Actually I write a bit to you, dad, Riker and Andrew. So if you combine all the emails you would actually get like A LOT of info on basically everything. Oh and we go running everyday in the morning. The other day we ran hill repeats :) I'm getting in shape! But also there is a slew of frogs and mice that are here and the road is always full of ran over ones. The end.

I didn't even know Katie was pregnant! Also, we visited a lady in our ward who is less active and she has a son named Kayson. I didn't even know that it's a common name.

The baptism was SWEET! I wish I could send you pictures, but I don't have a camera cord. haha my bad. But it was SO good! Rose was so funny and so cool and oh my goodness I just adore her. Her mom and 2 siblings came to support her and after the baptism we talked to her mom and she was like, "It'll be me soon. Rose will get me here. I'm going to start coming." hahah so great. It'll take time, but I really do believe that Mimi will eventually become a member, as well as her siblings Boogie and Brittany. They are adorable.

After Rose got confirmed she went back so her seat and whispered to us as she was sitting, "That was so cool!" hahah isn't she great? The gift of the Holy Ghost is SO real, and she could totally tell a difference right away.

We had a really cool MLC this week. As President was giving his training he talked about how we shouldn't be so obsessed with this checklist of what makes a good missionary. his exact words, "The Savior doesn't rate me on a 1-5 scale." it was so powerful, and makes it so much easier to remember that numbers really don't matter we are working on making sure these missionaries are truly converted to the gospel.

We had 2 exchanges this week, and I had a fantastic one with Sister Trickler, as we were going to bed at night she asked me, "So which one is more important to you, missionary work or the sisters?" And I immediately said, "missionary work" and then we went to bed. Except ALL night long I was thinking about it and finally in the morning as we were running I had to thank her for the awesome question that she asked and apologized for answering it so abruptly. Especially since the answer wasn't true. When I first became an stl, I was determined to make sure that the area was still being taken care of and that we were doing everything a normal missionary would. But as I was thinking about it, really my priorities are so different now. I would stop everything to help one of the sisters in a heartbeat, and would sacrifice anything for them to enjoy missionary work. It's been so wonderful to work with them and have their amazing examples in my life.

Also, that's super funny that you asked about hair. I've worn my hair up everyday for like the past 6 weeks. It's Humid here! and yesterday I decided to wear my hair down and as we were tracting I was DYING and I figured out that it was because my hair was down. SO I put it up. In a bun. Like I do everyday. haha except for when I take pictures cause that's when I'm at a meeting with other missionaries so I wash my hair on those days. so grand.

It goes, braid or ponytail on day 1, by day 2 it's a bun and it stays that way for the rest of the week unless we are biking.

Also, Sister Cooper pushed her baptism day back a week, which is a much needed and answered prayer. All week long I had been praying about her and I love her and her family so much. But I want to make sure that she is truly converted to the gospel when she is baptized and that she's not just joining because her family wants her to.

I have not gotten your package yet, but thanks in advance for it :)

Also, that's so cool that Andrew showed that mormon message. I'm a huge fan! A few days ago we met this girl named Cecilia. Her family is from Liberia and she is 18 and has a 6 month old boy. We were talking with her, and one of her friends is actually a recent convert from Elm Creek so we talked about how she had seen him change. She said he was ministering to her one day because she didn't understand her purpose on earth. Immediately we knew we needed to share the plan of salvation with her. And it was incredible to see the change in her as we discussed our life on earth, and how she can overcome those feelings of guilt and shame through the atonement. And then we invited her to be baptized on September 13th. WOOT WOOT.

Also people that we taught were from, Chicago, Sudan, Russia, Liberia, Minnesota, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Bela-rose, England, Alabama, and Mexico. Can I just say, I LOVE MINNESOTA. This is truly the greatest place ever, and I feel so blessed to take part in sharing the gospel here. It's been the greatest blessing of my life, and I wouldn't change it for anything in the World. I know that this is the gospel of Jesus Christ, that it leads to life eternal where we will be with our families again. God is so great, and so merciful and I am so honored to bear the name of Christ.

Love, Sister TERRY

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