Tuesday, September 9, 2014

September 8, 2014

Howdy mom!

I can't believe the young women are already reorganized. I feel so old. One day, I'll be called in to teach those little girls. Except I still feel like one.... also, since the infamous I'm a Norman day, you would be so surprised at how many people ask us if we are Normans. Maybe I just didn't notice it before. But it's an astounding amount.

My new companion is, wait for it.....Sister Smith. No joke. It's the same name, just a different face. She's from Farmington, Utah. I think. Wherever lagoon is, that's where she is from. She's been out a little over a year. Just a transfer longer than me, and she spent 10 months in her last area. Her dad works at toll house cookies, which is UBER SWEET. Literally. But also, those cookies. Yum. She's doesn't like to run, and she likes to eat sugary food. hahah which means trouble for me!! But I'm trying to be healthy and it's good practice for how to stay in shape when it's -20 degrees outside. People have already started warning us that it's supposed to be a colder winter than even last year. YIKES!

I'm still a sister Training leader, and I'm teaching Sister Smith how to be one. Honestly, it's a lot like the blind leading the blind. But hopefully we'll be able to be guided by the spirit :) I'm excited for the awesome things that are coming this transfer. Many blessing and guidance from God!!

I've started reading the new testament lately (aka like 2 months ago and then I got distracted, but now I'm trying to again) and Oh my goodness! I just love reading about Jesus Christ! It's amazing the way that he treated people, and how he was able to teach so clearly, naturally and lovingly. So much so, that those who were sinners wanted to change their lives and forsake their sins. SO COOL!

Actually, I was thinking about it cause we are teaching this super rad lady name Tina. She's part native american, and has lived a lot of the native american ways. But she has such a strong desire to change! And we taught her the word of wisdom this week. She used to drink coffee. I don't really know why it was so different teaching it this time, but it was just a lot more clear and the spirit was so strong as she accepted to live it! AHH I'm obsessed with her. Baptism soon. But first. law of chastity. She has 2 super cute kids. And they all came to church for the first time this week. yay!!!

But back to the new testament, I have just been so floored at the love that Christ shows for the people, his caring and gentle nature. I'm so excited for this transfer because it gives me an opportunity to start all over, with a different companion, and understanding her needs and what I can do to show my love for her.

Like always, I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. I don't think I could ever say it enough. This has been the greatest blessing from God ever. I have experienced such a change of heart, and mind. I have seen the joy of my redeemer, and I am so grateful to witness these mighty changes of heart that my investigators experience. What greater way to spend my time than to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to my brothers and sisters here in Minnesota. I feel like the luckiest person ever to be able to participate in this work, and I'm thankful for my Father in Heaven for trusting me with his children as well as to represent his son Jesus Christ.

Love, Sister TERRY

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