Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September 2, 2014

Hello MOM!!

yes. I can wear maxi skirts. I would love one! But only if they are super cute :) hahahaha

I haven't gotten your letter yet. But guess what! I don't know if i ever talked to you about sister Toone. She's like the raddest missionary ever. But anyway. she lives in Erda. And she had her family send me an Erda tshirt. haha so rad!! It's awesome. I'll take a picture and send it to you soon.

Food that I like? Everything! I had broccoli and stir fry the other day. which was good. And wraps. Lots of spinach wraps. hmmm lots of rice too. And some fried fish. it's pretty good when African's cook it. As well as cous cous. that's good. And some yogurt. I eat lots of yogurt. Most people just feed us some soup in the winter. Or regular American meals. It's never anything crazy. just REALLY good cooking. Just like yours :) I had key lime pie yesterday. It was DIVINE!

oh my goodness, crazy story. But you can't freak out k? So we were visiting a part member family and teaching them about the restoration and all was good. We left and started contacting around their house and as we are teaching this man from Mexico we hear TONS of shouting and crazy yelling coming from the house of the part member family. So we start walking back towards them (you know, cause we can.) and through the window we see them beating on each other hard core. It was so sad. And we had to call the police on them. so we haven't been back since then. But hopefully things are okay for them all.

Also, the next day we went to the temple (I saw the old film for the first time.... I felt the spirit. But also, it's ridiculous.) And that was really cool. I LOVE being at the temple. I totally took it for granted at home. But as we were leaving we saw that the car parked next to ours had the window broken. So we had to go back and report it. Turns out that an old lady left her purse on the seat of the passenger and someone broke the window and took it. I felt so bad for her! We helped clean up all the glass and such from her window and our member helped her call her insurance agency. Poor lady.

But overall it's been a fantastic week!! I am constantly so overwhelmed with the Love that God has for these people. I feel so blessed to be in this area. The ward members are wonderful, and the people we are teaching have such strong desires to follow God. Being a missionary is the greatest thing ever. I feel so blessed and lucky to participate in this great work.

Transfers are this Wednesday. I am staying in this area. But sister Smith is leaving. :( She's getting replaced by a different Sister Smith. I am so sad to say goodbye to her, and anxious to take over this area. But I am excited for the great things that God has in store for the people here!

Love, Sister Terry

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