Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 22, 2014

hey hey! sorry I don't have much time to write, but this week we are going to Como Zoo as a district! #holla
so we have to leave pretty soon.

WOW! I am just so thankful for you! as I go on exchanges with all these sisters one of the most common problems that we face is that they aren't feeling love from home so they can't focus on the work. It's difficult for them to love people, if they aren't feeling love in return. And I am just so thankful that it has never been a problem for me on my mission. That I've always been able to stay focused on the work and that I've always felt your love and support for me. so thank you! I realize that I am one of the luckiest girls ever to have a mom like you. :)

This week was really good! We are preparing for Victoria Hernandez's baptism this Saturday. She got her interview on Sunday and turned 9 today! woot woot! It was so funny, the other day we had a lesson in her home, and she came out wearing this shirt that said, "What does the fox say?" and I was totally wigging out trying to think of what that was from until I remembered that totally wicked youtube video! So sweet!! she's basically the coolest kid ever! I am so excited for her to be baptized! she has such a sincere desire to serve God, and is full of excitement to read and keep the commandments.
Also, by way of ridiculous stories. I went to a dinner with a member family this week. AND THEY HAD A LIVE PET TARANTULA. I joke you not. I literally had several miniature panic attacks and it probably took several thousand angels from heaven to comfort me and keep me from completely wigging out. Also, fun fact. Tarantula's molt. And they like to keep the exoskeleton thing and put them around the house. it was the most awful dinner that I have ever had. Even though they served really good food.
Hmm, what else. I had 5 Guys this week for the first time. Went on exchanges with a sister named sister smith. And another named sister Huang from Taiwan. Last Monday I went to St. Mary's Basilica in Minneapolis! it was so beautiful! it reminded me of the churches we went into in Germany. Beautiful. But they don't bring in the spirit like this gospel does. But very fun to check out. I'll have to send pictures.
Also, If you could pray for Rose Flahn that would be wonderful. She's going through some stuff, and has decided to go back to her old church. It's been so hard but I'm praying and fasting that she'll remember how she felt when we taught her and she'll come back soon.
And Taylor Sanford who I taught in Eden Prairie just moved into the ward that meets at our building at 9. so I saw her at church! it was SO great! :)
have a fantastic week!
love, Sister TERRY

Random Picture

St. Mary's Basilica

Sisters Terry and Smith, but not her companion, in Cedar Lake at Sis. Smith's apartment

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