Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27, 2014

Hello mom!

Well, I haven't been home for Halloween in 2 years. So maybe that's why I don't remember the death of the screaming mat. You would be glad to know that at least 1 house on every block has a giant spider hanging from their roof as a decoration. And I utterly refuse to knock on those ones. It's crazy. People are SO into Halloween! And the spiders ARE HUGE. It makes it hard for knocking at night, I'm always SO scared that a spider is going to drop on me. But enough about my crazy paranoia.

What the Todd Jepperson? That's pretty cool. What a small world. One day I will try to do family history. But it's definitely not my strong suit. (Todd is a teacher at OJH and we are distant cousins.  We invited his family over so we could get to know them better and figure out how we are related)

The 5 languages of love are: Service, quality time, words of affirmation, touch, and gifts. (Our RS instructor used these in her lesson on Sunday and I asked if Sidney knew about it, which apparently she does)

We talk about them a lot, because as we work with the sisters we have to help them feel our love so it's not just us coming in trying to correct everything that they are doing. But that we love and appreciate the hard work that they are doing and simply offer suggestion to be more effective and continue in being converted. SO the best way to do that is by helping them feel our love by us knowing their love language and doing our best to express it to them.

This week was super fantastic, as always! But really, the beautiful fall weather is incredible right now and the weather got a little warmer so I put my tights back in the closet for another week. :) Minnesota is literally the most beautiful place in the whole world. With all the lakes and trees there is always beautiful scenery as we are driving.

Last Monday we got all the sisters together to do a SISTERS P-DAY!! woot! We carved some pumpkins and did a big thing on this paper called the 40 day fast. Where basically you write down everything that is preventing you from being a consecrated missionary, and then you fast asking God for strength to change and not do those things any more. And for 40 days you do your best to get rid of those bad habits and it invites the spirit into your life! It's super cool, and we are SO excited to be doing it with all these sisters. They are all incredible missionaries and very driven so hopefully they will be led to find many people to teach as they become more consecrated.

We had to pass of a lot of our super cool investigators to the Elders (since all our investigators are men... uber weird) But we are working with Marcus still, and he committed to live the word of wisdom this week! It's been really cool, because as we talked as a companionship about our strengths and our weaknesses, something we noticed is that we were not being very BOLD. We recommitted to be more bold with people as they make changes to come closer to Christ and especially in accepting baptism and we have seen a huge change! Marcus is set to be baptized on the 22nd of November. And then we have another investigator named Shaharah who is getting baptized on Dec 13th. And hopefully many more to come! It's been so cool to see how God helps us to help these people as we turn to him for support and guidance.

We also did an exchange with the Elm Creek sisters. Ahh. it was so good to be back in elm creek again. I LOVE that place, probably way too much. haha but it was cool to introduce them to some of the less actives that I had worked with. And to see how much the ward had changed since I had been there. Luckily, all my recent converts there are doing pretty good, and the work is still taking off in that area. And of course, it was a delight to be with Sister Parke! We did a lot of biking (which I loved) and running (even though I forgot my running shoes, I became pro at barefoot running!) and she is just such a friendly, up beat person!

Yesterday we had a mission president's fireside. Where an Elder Carlson of the 70 came, and we brought our investigator girlay. She is super cool! She's been dating a member of the church for the past 10 years, and knows the book of mormon is true but just struggles understanding why she needs to get married. She actually was living in elm creek ward when I was there, and just recently moved to medicine lake ward. So I'm excited to work with her again.

God is hastening his work in Minnesota! and I am so excited to be a part of it! Have a great week! I love you!

Sister TERRY

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