Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Time!!

Hello my friends and Family!
I am so sorry I never send any pictures. I will try to be a better picture taker. I wish you could all see the arctic tundra I am living in! Currently there is 42632 feet of snow. No that's a lie, but there is A LOT, and it NEVER melts. In fact, snow days are the days when it's a balmy 20 degrees. Usually it's next to 0. So grand!

Like usual, we had a fabulous week! The work in this area is TAKING off! It's so awesome! We are doing a lot of work with part member families and especially teaching many a small child. It's probably preparing me for a future in the primary, but we shall see. It's so cool to see the faith that these young children have. All they want to do is follow Jesus Christ and be the best people they can be! It's been difficult to get their parents to catch the enthusiasm as well, but we're working on involving the members more to help everyone be friends and to have people who expect them to be at church!

Literally this area is SO different than my last one! Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center are considered "Little Africa" There are SO many Liberians here. They migrated to the US of A during their civil war. They are always so welcoming and want to talk about Christ! The only hard part is understanding what they say. haha we brought a member with us to visit this one old lady and we tried to teach her about the restoration but she would start saying stuff and we had NO clue what she was saying! At one point she was talking about Nicodemus and being born again, needless to say, I have not received the gift of interpretation of tongues. It's a process, but things are going well!

This week is crazy busy with Christmas but we are SO excited! Tonight we are sleeping in front of our Christmas tree to celebrate Christmas Adam(what she calls the day before Christmas Eve, because Adam came before Eve), then tomorrow we are going caroling and delivering cookies to our investigators, and then CHRISTMAS! It's been so great to visit people and ask them how they are celebrating Christ's birth this Christmas. Everyone celebrates it in their unique way, and has traditions that center on Christ during this time. It's so cool to see how no matter what religion you are, this is a time for family, love, and peace.

I love you all and hope you have a FANTASTIC Christmas!

Love, Sister Terry!

P.S I tried African Food! Something called Caba leaf I think? it was GROSS. but I ate it. And I tried it. Also I ate Shrimp. Also disgusting. haha oh well. Such is missionary life.

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