Friday, January 3, 2014

December 30, 2013

Okay, SO to answer your questions:

Well it sounds like you are having a splendid time in Utah. The weather there is nothing compared to this artic chill. We literally boiled water and threw it outside and it turned into snow. Plus the boiling water got on me because I don't have much experience at throwing a pot of water at anyone. But it didn't even hurt because it was so cold.
The pot of boiling water

Oh speaking of covenants to put other people first. I totally battled it out with el companion the other day. It was intense. But basically I have been pulling her along on this mission journey and having to study for our investigators and then help her understand as well... Well anyway it's been rough and I finally called her out on it. But she totally changed her attitude and perspective. It relates to the covenants because the biggest part of missionary work is actually working. And putting others first. So the missionaries that are miserable and want to go home are the ones that are only thinking of themselves and what they are giving up. It's crazy because even when the work is most frustrating and difficult, you still can have peace of mind because this is what the Lord needs to have done. And it's NOT about US. Once we realize that we are able to go full throttle into helping our investigators and bringing them closer to Christ.

(She has wanted some workouts and I struggle to describe some of the moves so I asked if she was allowed to watch exercise DVD's.  I thought the answer would be no but wanted to know for sure)We are not allowed to watch DVDs. But yes I have weights. And I can run around in the gym at the church! WOO! haha hmm our neighbor. She's pretty much dating the worst dude ever that harms the situation and we can't get her to open up while he is there. So that's the pits. But we were able to meet with a part member family and commit them to read the B of M together.
(As many of you have noticed, Minnesota is having the coldest winter EVER so I told her jokingly to stay inside where it's warm) Don't worry, it's frigid here. But it's not like I can just chill in our apartment. I'm a missionary. And we must share the gospel. But we are only allowed to tract in apartment buildings. WOO and there is a building here that is off limits for us to tract at night, ‘cause GANGS come. hahah don't worry. I'm living the hood life. WORD.

Love you!
Sisters Terry and Hudson with the Chidesters

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