Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Shoveling Snow

This email came from one of the sisters in Sidney's area:

Dear Friends, 
I wanted to send all of you a picture of the Brooklyn Park MN missionaries (Elders Te'o, Hawj, Burbank, Hawkes, and Sisters Hudson and Terry). I called them to see if they would help two of my neighbors snow shovel their driveways.
One neighbor has a broken foot with a husband out of town. The other neighbor just had a baby, and moved here last summer from Utah. She is not a member of the church, but she made the comment to me once, "I rarely had to plow my driveway in Utah because all those Mormons used to do it."  I thought the MN Mormons could follow the tradition. I had Elder Te'o and Elder Hawj come with me to deliver dinner to her a couple of weeks ago. I know that these small contacts with her are helping her attitude towards the church.
Both of the neighbors were thrilled and grateful when the Mormon Shovel Brigade showed up!
I appreciate each of you families who are sacrificing to send your sons and daughters to our neck of the woods. They are doing GREAT THINGS in Brooklyn Park/Elm Creek Ward!! Our ward loves and appreciates them!!
I pray that all of your families will be blessed. These missionaries are certainly blessing us.

Lisa Chidester

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