Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week Something!

Holla family! I hope all is going well!

This week was so FANTASTIC! We have been working SO hard in getting our investigators prepared and wanting to progress. Which involved the ward A LOT, which is something we have been trying to work on.
Let me give you a low down on investigators that we are teaching:

LUNDIN: She's being BAPTIZED this week! We're so excited! She's 9 years old and SUPER awesome! We're so excited for her!!

We're teaching lots of crazy cool Africans who have such a strong faith in God! It's exciting to meet with them and be able to hear of their experiences. We are just working hard at being bold in telling them to do stuff. It's a culture thing for them, as they don't realize we're asking them to do things unless we come out and say "thus saith the Lord" or something. It's hilarious. But they are all fantastic. And hopefully we'll learn how to cook African food soon. It looks... like something. haha I'm pretty excited.

We are also teaching lots of little kids! It's awesome! We've been working on using visual aids to help them understand what we are teaching. My artistic skills have improved greatly since I've been gone.
As a zone we are working hard at setting baptismal dates for our investigators and helping them work towards making promises to God.
It's been SO great to be a missionary! I'm so excited to keep this work up and see miracles!!
I hope everything is going well and i'm praying for all ya'll!
Love, Sister Terry

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